Thursday, January 2, 2014

My First Ouija Board Experience At 25

My Ouija board experience first happened when I was 25 years old. It was a beautiful sunny day when my girlfriend brought the Ouija board subject, we didn't believe in ghosts or demons etc. so we decided to try it out.

The next day my girlfriend came to my house with a Ouija board, it was still daytime so we decided to wait until it got dark so we movies. Right when it got dark we brought out the board, when we both had our fingers on the glass we said, "Is there a presence with us?" and it replied y-e-s. But we didn't believe in that stuff we were all like ok whatever its nothing but then our reaction changed when it said,"I want you dead".

We decided it be best if we put the board away and forget about it so we decided to watch more romantic movies but then we got in the mood and we ended up doing a lesbian make out. While we were making out we felt a sudden chill, which was weird because we made sure we closed the doors and the windows so we just forgot about it and continued to make out but then my girlfriend was thrown across the room but it was I caught her before she slammed into the TV.

We both slept at her house that night but the next morning she was gone so I went out looking for her but couldn't find her. To this very day I am still searching everywhere for my girlfriend because that morning I was going to propose because I loved her. There is not a day that goes by that I didn't wish that we had never played with the Ouija board. I just wish I could see her one more time. I pray to her every night that I will never have another girlfriend because I will always love her and only her.



  1. Looks like a fake story to me. How can someone go missing, there would be news about this if it was real.

  2. right the ouija board was a dangerous thing to do and i think you should speak to someone about this okay i think you should call the police or her friends but it is strange that she has gone missing :(

  3. Get Catholic priest to do exorcism.

  4. Is that your story in the 2013 ..same story yes...OK so have you found her yet?? If not have you gone and ask ppl and fam?? And if not have you reported it at all?? Not just blog??.. sorry sounds fake and if i am wrong I'm sorry and sorry for ya loss.... good read thw...

  5. You needed to shut it and say "goodbye" not just close it. When u just close it and dont say goodbye, the spirit comes out.



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