Sunday, May 4, 2014

NTN The Worst Ouija Board Experience In My Life

   Last night I had the worst Ouija Board experience in my life.
   It all started 3 days ago…
   My friends & I thought it would be a cool idea to try an Ouija Board in our school.
   When school was over, we went into a bathroom, turned off the lights and started our session.
   This is how our session went:

   Us: Hello, is anyone there?
   Spirit: Yes
   Us: What is your name?
   Spirit: NV
   Us: Why are you here?
   Spirit: NTN
   Us: Is NTN another spirit?
   Spirit: Yes
   Us: Where is NTN?

   Spirit: Brasal
   ( One of the girls in the session with me, her last name is very similar to that. Her last name is one letter off from Brasal. So we all freaked out. )
   Us: NTN is in Lisa? ( I will use a fake name for my friend, since I don’t want to give out her name. )
   Spirit: Yes
   Us: Will it harm her?
   Spirit: Yes
   Us: When will it harm her?
   Spirit: Tonight
   Us: What does it want with her?
   Spirit: CY

   Then we ended the session.
   We didn’t know what CY was so we didn’t really understand what NTN wanted with Lisa.
   The night before this session, Lisa, did Ouija Board inside of her bedroom. So, we were all convinced that NTN went inside of her when she did Ouija inside of her bedroom.

   The next day, we just talked to the spirit. Same questions. Just trying to figure out if NTN was still dangerous.

   Yesterday, we all went to Lisa’s because she was terrified about the NTN thing.
   But, as soon as I walked into Lisa's house, I got a killer headache. Ignored it and we continued.
   We wanted to contact NTN and ask if it will leave Lisa alone.
   We all went to Lisa’s bathroom to talk to NTN.
   So, we pulled out her Ouija Board and started the session.

   Us: Hello, is anyone there?
   Spirit: Yes
   Us: What is your name?
   Spirit: N-T-N
   Us: Why are you here?
   Spirit: 0 9 8 7 6 5 4

   We ended the session because evil spirits count down, and we didn’t want to see what happens once it reached 1.
   We started another session after that.

   Us: NTN are you here?
   NTN: Yes
   Us: Why are you here?
   NTN: S-A-T-A-N
   Us: We are going to say goodbye now.

   As soon as we ended that session, it got brighter in the bathroom. For light, we used the flashlight on an IPhone. As soon as it got brighter, we all looked at the phone. The phone was opened up to the home page. Before we started the session, we just turned the light on and closed the phone. Her phone had a password too. It freaked us all out.
   Again, we started another session.
   But, we moved into Lisa’s bedroom.
   That is also the place she first did the Ouija in her house.

   Us: NTN, we know you’re here but, you need to listen to us.
   NTN: Yes
   Us: What brought you here?
   NTN: 0 9 8 7 –
   Us: No, NTN tell us now.
   *NTN stopped counting*
   Us: Why are you here?
   NTN: V-I-D-E-O
   Us: Does someone in this room have a video?
   NTN: Yes
   Us: Who in this group has the video?
   NTN: M-A-D-D-Y
   (Maddy is my name, so I totally freaked out.)
   Us: Where is the video?
   Spirit: P-H-O-N-E
   Us: Okay, goodbye now.

   We all moved the planchette to goodbye.
   I was still freaking out.
   I opened my videos on my phone and looked through them.
   I had a lot of videos of Lisa.
   I didn’t want to take any chance of not deleting the right video, so I deleted them all.
   While deleting them, my phone glitched and all the videos wouldn’t delete.
   I tried again, they all deleted.
   We pulled the board out again.

   Us: Hello? NTN?
   We didn’t get an answer.
   Us: Talk to us.
   Still no answer.
   Us: Are you there?
   No answer.

   We said goodbye and put away the board.
   It all clued in why I got a killer headache.
   This spirit didn’t like me. I had a video of it.
   I don’t think I’ll return to Lisa’s house again.
   I delete everything about her off of my phone.
   Everyone in that session is scared off Lisa now.
   We are all still convinced that NTN is still in her.

   I’m sorry this was so long, but I had to tell people.
   I’m still really scared about this whole thing.



  1. Very good story, great read. Enjoyed it and it gave me the creeps.
    I doubt this is a true story, but if it is, you are all very irresponsible people.

    1. In fact, this story is 100% true.
      I totally understand why you wouldn't believe it though, stills blows me away that Ouija Boards could do this kind of thing.
      Thanks for the great rating though! haha.

    2. This scared me bad and I think it is true

  2. You did well in realizing what the spirit wanted and keeping a distance and realizing that it wanted to hurt you. Small things like headaches, body cramps or even goose bumps should be a sure enough sign that something is around you. I think you are very lucky that the spirit decided to communicate its problem and not hurt you as soon as you let it into the conversation. well done

  3. This is so scary I am only looking it up coz my sisters freind's (sorry dislexic) did it and made it out of paper I am new to this all I am only 10 and I really am intrested in this all♥ Please reply to me they don't believe her. They will beg for there bloody mercy my mum does not know it all but knows enough and said she said they are idiots and black magic is not a toy it is danger that can lead yourself up to comiting sewiside my mum had a sleep over and her freinds were messing around at around half twelve with a paper wigi board and my mum did not take part she is not a bloody idiot and her and her freind ran out of the house and whent to hers please help my sisters freinds who are speaking to nans and grandads ect and give me news soon as posibble thankyou ♥♥ and Dont you do anythink like that again

    1. You know, whilst unrelated to the story, you spell very well for a dyslexic :)

  4. And... you're just gonna leave Lisa in the dark? Gurl, help her!

  5. 100% real.
    I understand why you don't believe my story, it still blows my mind when I think about. I didn't know that Ouija Boards could do that kind of thing. Thanks for the great rating though!!

  6. I grew up being tormented by demons my whole life up until last year ( Im 16 years old now) I found that commanding them to leave in Jesus's name makes them leave.

    1. indeed, and are you a Christian? Jesus is the only true GOD! AMEN!

  7. Whoa. This is mad scary. You better go help your friend and not leave her with that spirit!

  8. Great friends you guys are. Said NO ONE, EVER..



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