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How to Talk to Ghosts Without a Ouija Board

The answer to this question depends on a few things, including how advanced you are as a medium and whether you actually want to talk to them, or if you would like to hear what they have to say in return too.

If you believe that you have a ghost in your home and you want to let them know they aren't welcome, or that they are (if they'd only stop making a nuisance of themselves) then it really is very simple. Just talk to them. They will hear you. I've often sent a spirit away very kindly by having a quiet word with them, acknowledging that they are there but asking that they stop hiding things, making a noise, scaring the family, or whatever it might be that they are doing for attention.

If you're looking for a two-way communication with ghosts then it gets a bit more complicated. It can take many years to develop mediumship to the point that you not only communicate with the spirit world but that you can also interpret what they tell you. Inconveniently they often using symbols and imagery to communicate rather than actual words.

Important things to do before attempting to talk to ghosts (with or without a Ouija Board).

Psychic Protection: Ask your spirit guides, angels and loved ones in spirit to draw near and provide assistance and protection as you work and afterwards. State that you only work in love and light and that you only wish to communicate with spirit of the same intention.

Room Preparation: You can dim the lights and light a candle if you wish but it's not essential, and you certainly don't need to work in darkness. In fact if you do it causes more problems as fear kicks in, and you can't always tell if anyone is misbehaving and adding to the paranormal activity just for effect!

Find A Charm: If you have an idea of who you are talking to and have an item that belonged to them you could have it close by to help draw their energy.

The easiest way to talk to ghosts without a ouija board and without years of training, is to use a dowsing pendulum.
Before you begin, hold the crystal in your dominant hand and ask that it moves to indicate yes. It should start slowly swinging, either round in a circle clockwise or anti-clockwise, or in a straight line, back and forth or side to side. Make a note of what it does.
Then ask it to stop. Once it stops, ask that it moves to indicate no and make a note of that movement too.

Now you are ready to use dowsing to talk to the spirit world. I would suggest that the first time you do this you communicate with and via your guide or a loved one in spirit. They can act as the spirit medium for anyone else that is around to talk to.

Using a pendulum in this way means that you can only ask questions that have a yes or no answer, but it's a start.

Other Important Guidelines

You need to respect the activity for what it is, but you don't need to be somber, being happy, upbeat and positive will create the best atmosphere for this type of work.
Don't Freak Out But... You may find that someone in the room starts to get images in their head, or knows the answers independently of the pendulum, or receives information mediumistically about the ghost.
If any of you feel scared, worried or threatened at any time during your communication please stop immediately. Close your energies down and go out of the room and do something else. Don't dwell on it, talk about something else and have a laugh. Also make some tea and toast or biscuits to help ground your energy.

Close and ground your energies when you've finished, this can be as simple as giving prayers of thanks to your spirit guides or you may need to do a quick meditation to close you energies properly. Jumping up and down will help, as will eating something simple as mentioned above.

About the Author
Helen Leathers

Helen Leathers is a lifelong intuitive, clairvoyant and medium, some would say psychic. Helen prefers the term 'a naturally modern mystic'. She teaches, inspires and encourages spiritual growth, personal and psychic development. She grew up surrounded by active spirits and has helped may people deal with their gifts and move unwanted spirits from their homes.

Helen draws on her natural and intuitive abilities along with many years of research and personal development to produce books, products and programs to help you, whether you're just a little curious, an absolute beginner or have been involved in spiritual and psychic development for some time.

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  1. I have been looking for info on ouija boards recently and stumbled upon your post.
    I recently purchased a vintage ouija board from a local antique shop and when I brought it home I decided to show my dad what I had found and once I pulled it out of the bag my dad had a look of fear on his face and demanded I get it out of ou house. Not having much choice I took it outside and threw it in my car. Later that night when my dad went to work I was sitting around the house with my girlfriend and told her about the board and we decided to go get it and try it out. I had read about the salt ring thing a few times and saw it on t.v and I grabbed a big bottle of mortans before i sat down to do the ouija but my girlfriend said whats that for I started to explain and she started to make fun of me so I left it on the couter and we started. We asked it if we would get married and it said "in hell" then my g-f asked if it was nice and it said "no" she then asked if we should be afraid and quicker then before went to "yes". She then said we are not afraid of you we have a living body and you dont. I took my fingers off of the tear drop thing and said you should not have provoked whatever is talking thru this board amanda. I said lets close out this board and get rid of this she wanted to finish asking it questions and like a fool I agreed. She asked should steve or myself or anyone close to us be afraid it then spelled out my grandfather's name and went to goodbye. I said ok stop and took my hands off and so did she. I took the board out of ouf house znd put it in the barn. Later that night I heard mh dog barking as if at another dog or something unfamiliar and before I got down stairs he started to wimper I ran down stairs as fast as I could and my dog was running as fast as he could but was staying in the same place. I could not believe what I was seeing I screamed for my dad and he came running down the steps with a hand gun thinking someone broke in or something happened and once he stepped on the last step my dog ran to me and hid behind me and my dad. I tried to tell my dad what I saw but being a cop he looked for a reason but couldn't find it so didnt believe me. Later that month my grandfathe who was spelled out on the ouija board was found by himself on lake Ontario dead on his pontoon boat. He had three fishing poles still casted out, a stringer of fish in the water and his lunch on the table. The doctors said his heart must have just decided to stop because he was healthy as teenager. I need some help on how to stop these things from happening first my dog then last week my grandpa, I don't want to know what's next I'm tempted to ask the board but I think it's too late and I invited some negetive energy into my life.
    Please get back to me as fast as you can, any kind of advice on this type of experience would help.

    1. You'll have to call a proffesional Exorcist... Or a priest, cause probably a demon entered your life, the biggest mistake you made is: messing around with a demonic board..

  2. This is why I suggest that people DO NOT do a ouija board, it is liking jumping in a lake with no idea how to swim. May I suggest that you find the board and burn it as a starting point. Much of what happens to a person following using a board can be twisted round in their own mind by their own fear, and attributed to the board, when they may well have happened anyway. You should be able to cleanse the house / area yourself using salt water and a prayer / protection request. Talk yourself out of their being a link between all these incidences instead of into it. Spirit generally have no power in this world except that which we give them. If you continue to have a problem then contact a local healer, shamen, medium or rescue worker.



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