Monday, June 9, 2014

I Was Proved Wrong

I’m going back years ago when I was about 16 -17 my mother was always at the pub with her new boyfriend. I had my friends around a lot because I had a free house. But one night we were bored. We had MTV on listing to music. I can’t remember whose idea it was Charlotte's or Sharna's. I think it was Charlotte. She said about trying the Ouija board. Don’t get me wrong I believe in Jesus I used to go the church on my own when I was 15-16 I stopped going because Carly died I find it hard to get my head around why god hurt me like that it really messed me up big time.

So going back to the Ouija board. I thought it really wasn’t that easy to well you no talk to the other side. I thought it would to funny to pull a joke on my friends so I got a big bit of paper from my old art work from school and Sharna drew the numbers and letters on this big bit of paper and I went up to the bathroom and got 3 candles. We set up in the kitchen lit the candles and turn off all the lights in the house. We all put two fingers on the shot glass. And I mover the glass spelled H-E-L-L-O I-T-S M-E L-I-S-A you should off seen their faces classic!

After laughing it off we thought we try it for real. I thought nothing would happen so I joked about and said is anyone there? I looked at Charlotte and laughed and look back down at the board I said we want to talk to the devil Charlotte wants to have sex with you (I was joking) said. Charlotte said Oi! F*** off Lisa that’s not funny. Me and Sharna looked at one and a other and laughed as we laughed the shot glass started to moved i looked down thinking (what the f***?) as you do. I can see that no one’s finger tips was white to mover the glass. It kept going round the bored the suddenly stop. It slowly spelled out the words D-E-M-O-N-I-C

We sat were silently frozen we looked up at each other and we heard one almighty bang come from the bathroom right above us. We sat there frozen from shock until we heard whatever it was walking down the stars I sounded like someone wearing working boots. Sharna run out the back door I within seconds i followed as looked back to see if Charlotte was coming I see her look as white as a sheep looking at the stairs. I never had the balls to look to see what she was looking at I just run or my life. As me and Sharna got to the back off the garden on the back drive way we both looked at the back door to see Charlotte run out too. As we waited outside for what seemed like hours I decided to go back in. I got to the back door to see the shot glass smashed on the floor everywhere and I mean every where. scared I quickly cleaned up the mess from the board after that Charlotte and Sharna whet home.

Which left me alone in the house. I do not wish to share what happen to me lets just say I was proved wrong. Ouija boards work DON’T MESS WITH THEM! I moved out 2 years later to long and I don’t wish to go back there ever!

Lisa Michelle Baker


  1. that's a bad arse ghost you got there love lol, I'd need a vodka sesh with mates to do anything like that

  2. Replies
    1. I'd like to know as well.

  3. Mu friend's friend used a ouiji board and she didn't goodbye and the next day everyone in the house was dead ( and the person who used the ouiji board )
    Never use a ouiji board! It is very dangerous and powerful!
    God bless everyone that does!



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