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How to Use a Ouija Board to Communicate With Spirits

Is Ouija a good way to communicate with spirit, or is it simply spiritual silliness that doesn't work at all? How does it work, IF it works? Are some Ouija boards better than others... and if so, HOW so? Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like the vast majority of people just getting started with spiritual exploration, you have probably considered using a spirit board of one type or another to "reach out" and connect with the other side.

Common Misconceptions About Ouija

Let's take a quick look at some really BIG common misconceptions about Ouija, and some of the best ways to have an incredible, safe, fun and MEMORABLE spiritual experience yourself.

DO approach the experience with an open mind... but NOT so open that your brains fall out! Far too many people think that the board itself is a gateway to all sorts of mythical and magical realms, and end up having strange or silly experiences as a result.

DO understand that your attitude, and your energy plays a significant role in what transpires during your session. The more receptive and positive you are, the better the ambiance will be for something special to come through.

DO remember that the board is just a vehicle for conveying communication in a physical way. There is nothing inherently good, bad or even spiritually special about the spirit board.

The Ouija Board Is A Conduit

It's just a conduit that allows something special to happen and information to appear - from the purely spiritual, to the vibrational, to the physical.

DON'T worry about the type of board you have. There is nothing inferior about a spirit board you pick up a local department store. Although I DO prefer to use a board with some history and some good spiritual success stories from those who've used it, I've also had some amazing experiences with cardboard boards that we picked out of a friends closet.

DON'T worry about the amount of people involved. I've had incredible experiences alone, or with a single partner align with a larger group of 5 or 6 others as well. The ONLY rule I have is attitude. There is nothing worse that trying to channel or communicate with ethereal energy with someone who is a LOUD skeptic, debunker or disbeliever at the table. But as long as everyone is open, receptive and simply curious but not convinced... you CAN (and will) get personal proof that SOMETHING special is happening, and even if you don't necessarily believe the "spirit" explanation, you'll be a lot less likely to think it's all easy to explain away otherwise, I promise!

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  1. Shame this isn't spoken out more aboit ouija boards. You can't help but notice the same people who think the boards are all bad are the same people who will ask the bad questions and invoke the nasty outta the spirits. It's really...just...well you asked for it.



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