Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Weird Ouija Board Story

So me and my friends were hanging out one night and we decided to use a ouija board. At first we were joking around not being serious and we didn't get any answers, but the board like shook hard scaring the crap out of all of us so we said goodbye and put it away quickly.

After that we started watching some videos on exorcisms don't ask me why but after we turn the computer off noises started coming from the speakers and we turned the computer on to see a demon like face this happened twice.

Then we had my friend kaseys mom play with us so we went down stairs and put it on the coffee table. At first we got someone called tom all he did was write gibberish and go to the letter e we said goodbye and took a short break. The next spirit we got when we asked the name every time it went to 3 14 and counted down from 7 we didn't let it finish though. When it tried to go off the board we pushed it back and it went to (k m c) mine the mom and kaseys first initials.

 Next time he spelled zo two separate times and pointed to silver. I asked if it was good and it said f no we said goodbye. After that we put kaseys moms silver ring on the silver spot and kasey made a cross out of straws.

The we played it spelled out
Kasey dead
We asked why she was dead
He evil
Who's evil

Then it spelled gibberish back to e and then mother figi which was weird I asked if it was ever alive and it went back and forth from no to yes so we said goodbye. Next time it spelled out 'boots are back tell a friend' which is a Harry styles quote and it went like this

Are you a girl
What's your favorite band
The 5 symbol (five seconds of summer logo)
How old are you
When did you die
20 stopped after that
How did you die
Car crash
Were you going to a one direction concert
What's your name
Kas- we stopped there because kaseys names spelled like that

Can someone help me interpret this we all said goodbye and no activity since but that was weird



  1. Did the spirit spelled 'Zo' twice? Then beware because you've got the most evil spirit demon named 'Zozo' at first he talks nicely but then things start to get worse and worse, if the board spells 'DEATH' this actually really means someone is going to die, the Ouija knows about the future and specially about death, so I recommend you to stop using it because one Zozo comes he doesn't leaves, or he fakes a name to be someone else. To get rid off Ouija Board simply cleanse it with Holy Water and bury it somewhere far away.. Hope I helped. (:

  2. I fear for you. Zozo is an extremely dangerous demon who can and will terrorize you. He posed as Tom it seems and then admitted his real identity. Your friend was threatened, Kasey. I would start searching for an exorcist to remove him. He's powerful and super dangerous. Goodbye does not always close that connection. He attempted counting down the numbers which means he attempted to leave his plane entirely and you welcomed him into yours. If you didn'tlet him finish that means he ddidn't come all the way but can still be dangerous. Don't repeat his name and hope for the best for your friend.

  3. please contact a non-denominational church ask for help and support.

  4. I am sorry Zozo has enterered your life. You will never be completely rid of him. He may be cast out but will still be watching you

  5. He is a demon who attaches himself to others and wants to cause harm

  6. At least she had good taste in music I mean 5sos is also my fav band



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