Thursday, September 18, 2014

Interesting Ouija Board Experience

Around 20 years ago, I used to dabble with the Ouija Board as the stories surrounding it always peaked my interest. I had done a few "unwise" things with it (ex.: having sex on top of it, using it in a church, placing it on top of a bible while playing it, using it in a graveyard, etc.). OK, so I wasn't the brightest bulb in the box and I was opening myself up for personal assault.

Fortunately, I have no physical or psychological scars from playing it, nor any particularly frightening experiences to report. But there was one evening that stands out the most - Autumn 1991 - that turned out to be rather interesting and entertaining.

I was at my (then) girlfriends apartment, playing Ouija together. About 15 minutes into our session, an entity announced itself (I don't recall it's name). So I started asking some basic Ouija questions, but it turned the conversation towards a "past life" experience that I supposedly had. You see, this entity from the board was a former knight in the year 1521. As our conversation continued, I was allegedly his best friend and we communicated about how we met and the things we did together. Evidently we were both knights of the realm (in England, but I don't recall what city or kingdom) and were closes companions. He went on to say that he was murdered by a "black knight" (who else in 1521?) and that I sought his revenge (the word "revenge" was spelled out on the board). As we continued, he said that I went after this evil knight and killed him, exacting my vengeance. I then went on to marry his widow (he stated that he had wanted me to care for her) and we had 2 children and I finally passed on at the ripe old age of 84 (a question I know better to ask).

This was actually a 3 hour session with the board. There were certainly more details than I'm sharing with you now, but that's the gist of the story. I wrote this entire session down on paper, but of course lost it over the years. It was fascinating and completely unexpected. Granted ,the board lies and playing with it requires education on it's use and it's perils. I have not used the board since 1995 - as my wife refuses to have one in the house. But that is the story that stands out amongst them all. Play at your own risk. It may seem harmless, but forces exist around us that we don't always see or understand. Always best to err on the side of caution.



  1. people didn't live to be 84 back then lol

  2. It was possible to live to that age but it was slightly rare. It was more common for men and women to actually live well into their 50s and 60s. Anyway, living to a very old age such as 84 was more common in rich people who ate well and had lots of physical activities - so a knight would fit that yes.

    1. Hope that I live to be that age in this life time! It really was a remarkable session with the Board. Haven't even been the slightest bit interested in getting back into it after all these years (I used to be able to play myself with no other hands on the planchette). Best to let the past lay silent

  3. Agreed. It was a wild session. Again, there won't be a repeat performance, but like yourself, I used to be able to work the board on my own. But as you state, best to let the past lay silent



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