Friday, September 5, 2014

Ouija Board Depression And Suicidal

My friend and I did a Ouija board about 6 years ago while drunk, we called up some very bad people. As nothing at the time happened we just chucked it away in the morning.

A few days later my flat mate had what I can only describe as something from the depths of hell recorded on her phone from the night we did the board, we both then sunk into a depression but only while in the flat where we had done the Ouija board.

My radiator came away from the wall, which the landlord was very angry about as he was told by a professional electrician that it would have taken at least 5 strong people to rip it of the wall.
My flat mate then became suicidal, at this point we had no choice but to leave.

It has since had no tenant in there for more than a year. We both feel like we are still being effected by this experience, does anyone have any advice?



  1. you must pray to God for help and protection i suggest you read and repeat psalm 91 for protection and help.

  2. You should upload the recording to soundcloud and post the link.

    1. Why not? Somebody can identify the entity and help. It's quite obvious that she needs all the help she can get.

  3. I would probably recommend going to see a priest/pastor explaining the situation what has happened and get them to bless you and your homes.

    whatever religion you are dont matter they can help remove things that attach themselves to your home and yourseves

    try playing this at home to help clear out your house:

    (chants and prayers sung by monks)

    Good luck i really hope you get these monkeys of you and your friends back

    Also usingthe name of jesus seems to help and have some authority over them dont fully understand why but it works

    (also not trying to preach certain religions to you but this stuff helps to get rid of it - Dad does deliverence work goes into houses blesses them and cleans them out with ghosts and such in them)

  4. Radiators come out walls all of the time and before you ascribe it to the paranormal first I think the landlord should have a contractor (not an electrician) assess the condition of your walls/moisture etc. Second, you should save the sound file and then have a diagnostic done on your phone (assuming that it is a cellphone) cellphones are notorious for "glitches."

    You should also demand that a Radon-Gas test be performed. Radon exposure is known to cause depression and anxiety in human beings.

  5. Pray, Its The Best Thing To Do.

  6. Replies
    1. It's like an apartment mate

  7. Don't do it while your drunk and pray to god everyday

  8. Pray to god everyday



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