Saturday, September 20, 2014

Obsessing Over An Ouija Board Experience

A few weeks ago my little cousin and I played with an Ouija board we made out of paper. Everything went normal, we asked it silly questions, but the last question I asked made me terrified. I've always wondered when and how I would die, so I decided to ask it. It told me I'd be dead by 26 (I'm 19 currently), which I was heart broken because it's so soon.

I asked it how, and it was jumping through the letters 'c', 'a', 'e'. I was confused, as 'cae' isn't a real word. After I took my little cousin home, I went back home and used the board again. I asked who I was speaking to, and it spelled out 'Jeff'. I also asked it other questions to find out 'Jeff' was 13 when he died, he was murdered, and it also said it follows me around a lot. I was scared at that, but I asked if it were good or evil, in which it spelled out good. I questioned why it followed me around, and it spelled out 'protect'. I asked why he wanted to protect me, and it spelled out 'beautiful', I asked who, and it spelled 'you'. It was odd, but I just didn't think much of it. But I asked the Ouija board again, how am I going to die? This time it spelled out 'cancer'.

I've been obsessing over this ever since it happened, based on what it's telling me I only have 7 years to live and it's cancer, so it's probably going to be extremely painful. I can't think about anything else anymore...



  1. Go to the doctor and get a check up. That should put your mind at ease.

    1. Even if the narrator did go get a check up it's not like that'll prevent cancer from happening now, will it? Unless I guess it depends on your lifestyle and heredity.

  2. Yea your pretty much screwed,stop playing with evil things

    1. It's called "curiosity". That's why people play it but others just want to see if it's real or not.

  3. Whatever you were talking to is not good. By messing with ouija boards you are inviting evil spirits into your life. The devil is a lie and ofcourse he will tell you that this is a good spirt. I promise you it's not.
    You are now connected to the spirit world and the only one who can help you now is Jesus Christ. Ask him to help you!
    But so you know, the spirit that is following you will try to stop you somehow from praying, I don't know how but something bad might happen, maybe the spirit will appear in front of you or in your dreams. Don't let that stop you, pray and have faith that Jesus will help you. You really do need his help, this is very serious.

  4. You will not die of cancer by 26.

    If you are going to believe this dark side, you must also believe there is a good side. The good side, of course, is Jesus Christ. Are you willing to believe in Jesus and trust Him with your life?

    Ask Jesus for forgiveness of your sins, and live your life for him.

    Your future is not set in stone, you can change it. You do not have a death sentence. And even though this spirit says it is good, does not mean it is actually good. Do you honestly think it would say, "I'm a bad spirit, stay away from me"? Absolutely not.

    2 Corinthians 11:14 says, "And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. "

    The Bible also teaches you are not to contact the spirits. You should listen to this. The spirit realm is not a game, this is very serious.

    Psalm 34:7 says, "The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him,
    and he delivers them."

    Jeremiah 29:11 says "11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

    You can learn how to give your life to Christ here:

    Everything will be fine, do not worry. Just give your life to Christ and trust Him to lead you.


  5. You must be careful when you speak to something through the Ouija board, just because it knows something does not mean the next answer is not a blatant lie. Spirits (evil generally) will flatter, or lie, to gain power over you. The fear you now have has given it power over you.

    And by the way, C.A.E, is a chemotherapy treatment for cancer, usually of the lung.

  6. Ouija Boards are a very dangerous thing to play with. It coincides with what they call the lower astrid plane. These spirits are very confused, and usually died in sudden or violent ways such as suicide or murder. The thing is, when using a ouija board, you're opening up a door to both good and bad spirits, Never, and I mean ever, use it again, Demons use the board as a gateway to take control over souls. You may have gotten good spirit this time, but next time you may not be so lucky. Trust in God, and pray. Pray as much as you possibly can. He will help you. Go to the doctor and as crazy as it seems, tell him about what happened with the board. Keep going regularly. Not all people die of cancer, it is overcome-able. God is more powerful than most make him out to be. He will help you.

  7. An ouija board told me I would die at 17. I'm now 62.

  8. Honey, try to calm down about this. When I was 16 & played a Ouija board, I was told that I would die at 19 from a drive by shooting. I'm 34 :)

  9. in all serious, thats one of the few main rules you dont break. never ask a board that question.

  10. Spirits lie, that's why you don't ask any questions like that.
    I wouldn't take this seriously, but I can see why you're worried. In all honesty, if you want to over-come this fear, I would go to the doctor.
    But, it's really nothing to worry about.

  11. "cae" means falls in Spanish.

  12. Me, my 2 sisters and my best friends have used a Ouija board many times, usually to talk to loved ones who have passed but often strangers come across the board. I have no doubt they are real for many reasons like when we talked to my Grandfather who told us things we didn't know that were later confirmed by our mother. I can assure you the spirits often LIE just to mess with you. I've never experienced any evil that people keep talking about and I believe the evil stories are either made up stories OR the spirit on the board acting evil because that's what the board users want.

    1. Just so you know, evil spirits often pose as deceased loved ones, telling you things that are so believable that it's hard to accept it's not really them. Be careful... It sounds like spirits are playing mind games with you, which will gain them entrance into your life... Then the infestation begins.

    2. Yes evil spirits are should watch the YouTube video by Roger Monroe. We all have demons with us from generations because their lives are thousands of years spanned thats why they know our history. So dont be fooled.

  13. Mine said I'd live to 104! Sweet! This was after a psychic friend who doesn't use boards told me in a session I would live past 100. Granted, I'm very self-destructive, but who's to say? Two separate sources told me I have a long life ahead of me. I know the future is always changing, but I'm happy! Will I use the board again? Probably not. I had some very interesting conversations. The trick is not to hold any fear or negativity. Some believe it's just a tool, or a tool of Satan. Whatever it is, fear gives it power. I used to joke around with my contacts. But when they started asking for blood, and then goat's blood because I have a "pure soul" that's when I decided to leave well enough alone. I suggest you do the same. Pray to God and don't worry. You'll be fine. Your thoughts create your reality.

  14. One lied to me and told me my death in terms of number of days left. it was a day I was scheduled to fly home from school. Bottom line: it lied to me, and I obsessed over it for months and months. I later learned (pre-Internet) that is what they do.

    Add me to those who tell you try not to worry about it. However, those telling you to turn to Christ for help are correct. In my case, it wasn't until I spent time with a good Pentacostal preacher did I seem to shake what I had invited in. good luck.

    PS In my board experience, we used a blindfold. the person with hands on the marker thing didnt hear the question (the other person whispered them in a different corner of the room), and we rotated the Board at crazy angles between each question. It still repeated the answers properly several times. They are real and they are dangerous.



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