Friday, April 28, 2017

Are We Safe?

Today, me and my friend decided to use a Ouija board, not an uncommon thing for us. A couple of weeks ago when we last played the board refused to give a name but said that my friend, Rebekah, was in danger. It then stopped giving answers and kept trying to do the alphabet backwards so we dismissed it.

Today while playing, another ghost said it was a witch and spelled out "REBEKAH". When we asked why it said "SAVE YOURSELF". We kept asking what was dangerous and the board kept spelling "SHE". After some questioning, the board said "SORO" was the danger but it wouldn't say anything else about it. More questioning led to the board saying "SATAN".

We asked if there was anything else and the board spelled out "JILLIAN", my name. We asked why the board was saying my name and it answered "BEELZEBUB" and then "VESSEL". After that we asked if both of us were vessels for Satan and Beelzebub respectively and it said yes, then kept making clockwise circles right above the Goodbye. We dismissed it shortly after.

Some things that are also scary is that we never once said our names while playing, not to each other and not during other sessions. We are always careful about that. And while playing only the right side of our bodies felt very cold, and the veins were very pronounced on the hands that were on the planchette.

Do we need to be worried or concerned about any of these happenings?


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