Friday, April 28, 2017

Christmas Ouija Board

I got a Ouija board for Christmas, and I decided to use it with my mom.... It didn't work our first time... So we left, and I was begging to try it again, and so my mom decided to try 1 more time. It worked, but I don't know if she was moving it or not... Because she knew so much about me... So I didn't experience much other than what I normally experience on a day-to-day series of Paranormal activity.

So I went along my marry day, and a couple of my friends came over, and being dumb little 14, and 16 years old, we thought it would be fun to use it. So when we did, it worked.!! I contacted the ghost that has been following me since 1st grade (I'm in 8th grade now) But I asked a bunch of questions, well... Because I need answers. {Back-story time: ever since I can life has evolved around the number 13.. I randomly wake up at something: 13.., I owe $13.13, I got my first period... April 13th.. Everything I do, the number 13 is always involved} But I asked how old it is, [It has 2 personality's, Morgan-Moon-Star, Female... Also, well, ZoZo, Transgender] But Morgan said, 3-3-m-i-n-u-s-1-3, so... 33-13=20. Reasonable I thought, and ZoZo, 13. Hmmm, 13, twice. But then we both started asking questions. (There where 3 of of, but one of the boys didn't want to use it.) It was mainly about our future. But then things had a twist..

We have a Bearded Dragon, and she started charging at the glass, head on... I thought that was weird, so did my friends.. So I asked, "Why is Emmy Grace charging at the glass?" and it spelled, H-A-R-R-Y-C-O-M-E-P-L-A-Y(Not his real name) and my friend said, "You want Harry to play?" The spirit said, -Yes-.. I said, "Give us a sign" because Harry thought we where moving it.

All of a sudden, His Mt. Dew knocked over, the lights turned off, and my phone got an unknown call from an unknown caller, The area code was... "666." Harry still wouldn't play so the Spirit, *ZoZo* kept spelling S-O-U-L-N-O-W, Soul now.. We where kinda wired-ed out... so we said goodbye......

I've used it 2 other times since then, and it's been spookier the next time.


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