Friday, April 28, 2017


Alright, I know a lot of stories on this site are fake but I swear to God this is 100% true and I'm not just saying that to make this more believable.

Anyways it was about a year ago I think and I had been reading Ouija stories a lot lately, I had tried one before then but nothing happened. I was curious so I made my own with paper and a sharpie with a CD as a planchette. I can't remember the whole conversation but I had contacted a spirit that went by the name 'JoJo' he mostly spoke nonsense and was very sexual. He asked me for sex and said that if I said no he would kill me.

I was about 11 years old at the time so I was very dumb and ended up going into the bathroom with the board and taking my clothes off. I was very uncomfortable and kept getting chills up my spine and feelings of hands touching me in places. I felt violated and extremely uncomfortable so I put my clothes back on and when back into the hallway with the board. He spelt out various random words such as "death" "fire" and shit like that.

I had done the Ouija various times before and after this but this one era had stuck out to me a lot. I was hooked on the board, it terrified me but I felt drawn to JoJo, it was almost as if we became friends. He said he wouldn't hurt me.

One night before I was going to my friends house for a sleepover, he spelt out "Norma" which was my friend's name. Now keep in mind I had NEVER mentioned Norma to him before and that was before I had a cell phone so I had no contact with her whatsoever outside of school. The next word was "choke" I wasn't surprised at this as he was always threatening my family and friends which he never actually caused any harm towards them so I wasn't scared. And the last word was "Melon" I didn't take this as anything because he usually spelt out nonsense like this, just random words and phrases. I had almost forgot about it when I went to her house until I walked in the house and there was a watermelon on the table. This seemed weird but not weird enough for me to be scared. And then when we ate the melon, Norma started choking, and her mom had to do the Heimlich on her. I was petrified, I couldn't move. There was no way I could have predicted that, prove that I wasn't just making it up or I was moving the planchette.

After that I was greatly interested. I asked JoJo to give me more insights into the future but they were all false. I eventually got bored of JoJo and started trying to contact other spirits but only JoJo was coming through, even when I ripped the board and made a new one. I was losing a lot of sleep because of this, having being a very paranoid person. I eventually decided I was done. I stopped the board and vowed to never try it again.


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