Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Last Nights Ouija Board Session

ok so from the title you will see I used a Ouija board last night nothing unusual for me I'm always safe before anyone pipes up how terrible they are I prayed for protection before I opened the Ouija board I had white candles burning, and I made sure the last spirit said goodbye to close the board down after.

Now last night was slightly different as I used the Ouija board with my mum and step sister not my usual group of spiritualist friends although my mum and sis are spiritualist too.

As soon as we opened the Ouija board my step uncle who had committed suicide last year came to chat he had a laugh with my sis chatted up my mum as he always does and was even kind enough to call me a pie for eating pizza with my free hand this wasn't nasty he was always a joker in life.

Next to come through was my great aunt who wanted us to let my Nan (her sister who isn't well at the moment) know she is with her and she hears her talking to her all the time we said we would pass on the message she also wanted her husband to know she loves him. She said goodbye then and another spirit came through, a male wanting to speak to my mum. He said they are related through my granddads side of the family, never got to the bottom of that as he was suddenly interrupted by a much stronger spirit taking over the board. My mum asked who it was the answer was now going to get very weird it said Amy`s sister.

Amy is my daughter she has two brothers but no sister. Thing is that on Christmas eve 05 when I was 8 weeks pregnant with Amy I started bleeding heavily. I thought I'd lost the baby it wasn't until I had no period that I called my midwife who sent me for a scan to reveal one healthy baby I was now 13 weeks pregnant. At my 16 week midwife check I was finally told there was a chance I'd lost a twin it was never 100% though.

My mum asked the spirit for her mums name my name was given then we asked for her dads name my ex boyfriends name was given. My mum asked how old she was when she died she said 0 but she's 4 now just like my Amy. I asked then if she is Amy's twin she said yes. I asked her if she has a name she spelt out Lilly a nickname for my daughter when she was little, she spelt out I love you mummy. I told her I loved her too and I began to cry as its quite sad knowing that I did definitely lose a baby but at the same time I was happy she was ok, the Ouija board then said be happy and then goodbye.

We decided to stop then as the board had been closed down anyway and it was getting late.

Today when my little girl woke up its weird thinking there should be two of her. I know its silly to be upset over a baby you didn't know you lost but I do feel upset when I look at my daughter although glad I have her.

Thanks Missy

Sent in by Missy Louise, Copyright 201


  1. AWW!! This pulled some many heartstrings!! I'm sorry about your baby, but you are RETARDED! THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOO MORONIC!! GET A LIFE!

  2. That was really mean , Issy !!!!!!!!!!! What did she do to yu ?!

  3. Well, she wasted my time. And time is money. *bathes in money* KK?

    LOL :)

  4. well if you think she waisted your time why the fuck r you coming on here and spending your time reading these sotires if you think there fake!

  5. I can listen to people like you.

  6. You are so FREAKING STUPID if you think I am gonna waste MY time feeling sorry for you. No girl. No. You need hike up your little pink skirt and get on with your life. Okay? Okay.

  7. sry 2 burse he bubble bt it wasnt her lost baby she was speaking 2, i believe it was a demon. all i wanna kno is how a 0 month baby who was neva born cud spell, demons does deceive ppl in2 tinking dat its their deaceased loved ones. jus becareful, ppl

  8. I read that demons know everyones family and history simply because they look in your mind. They read you and everyone around you completely.

  9. please becarefull, your not talking to spirits of loved ones or friends that pass! in the bible and its known that we as humans cant talk to the ones that have pass away! the demons,evil,and satain will trick you they know all,and they might seem like there really nice and good at first but give them time and they show there true evil colors! the quiji opens a gateway to hell! the demon you were talking to use its knology of your pass to apear good, but what it acomplished was, to hurt you, make you upset! this just proves the evil of the board! its intentions was to apear like your daughter that pass to gain your trust and you let it in and it achoeved its goal to hurt you ! it is common for some women that are pregnant to have vaginal bleeding and spoting,do to hormones when pregnant! most likely you didnt have twins and lose one! this was just a way for the evil to hurt you! please get ride of this board the safest way is to tear the board up in seven pieces and throw in the trash,then light a white candel unto its fully burned all the way in your home! the other way is to give the board away or pass on to someone eles! never burn or just throw away with out fallowing my directions! god bless you! ill keep u in my prayers!

  10. I would like to have a Ouija board experience I made a homemade Ouija and I can't contact anyone what do you think I'm doing wrong?

  11. So sad I cried no offence but that could be a demon.I doubt it but it's not something to rule out



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