Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Ouija Board I Can Never Let Go

The following is all true, no lies I promise you. I'm still stuck, and you'll see what I mean.

About two weeks ago my mom bought a Ouija board offline. This was before she knew anything "bad" about it. Well we tried it the next night and I was amazed at how cool it worked. I didn't know that'd be the turning point for me.

The next day I tried it out with one of my friends, then the following day with another friend. Eventually that Friday,  I used it with the same friend (I will call her "Shawna"). Last Friday when I went with some friends to a basketball game, walking up to my house we were followed by this weird dude with a white t shirt and blue jeans and black hair. He walked very strangely... Before I knew it, after my friends left weird things started happening in my RV so I thought it was a ghost. So the next Friday when I was using it with Shawna, we asked the age of the spirit. It spelled out "18" and I was beginning to freak out. We asked if it was a girl or boy... It said boy.

I asked him if it was the guy that followed us last week and was living in my RV since then, and it went to yes. So we then asked if he had any unfinished business and if it had to do with me and Shawna. It said yes, then spelled out bwsw. I asked if those were our initials and it again went to yes. We asked for our ages and it spelled the correct numbers.

Later the spirit said his "unfinished business" was good. We asked who it had to do with. Here is our conversation:
"who does your unfinished business have to do with?"
"c u r t i v"
"do you mean Curtis? (that was a kid in our class who was sorta annoying)"
"what does he have to do with your business?"
"h e i s s i v k"
"sick? He is sick?"
"if you mean sick as in physically ill go to yes. If you mean sick as in hurting people or being mean go to no."
"did he hurt you?"
"do you want us to hurt him"
"yes." and from there we were scared and confused. We had sat there for an hour and ten minutes and our legs were cramping up. The board tilted off our knees and the planchette started turning different ways, tangling our fingers. It counted down the last 8 or so letters of the alphabet. When we asked to leave it went from the same two letters: k and m back and forth back and forth. We said goodbye and we would try to contact it another day.

My mom began worrying about my mood and how I became more stressed. I told her it wasn't the board but other things. She kept the board from me till Monday. Me and Shawna planned to use it that day. We waited until it got darker so our special 18 year old spirit would be around.

When we were about to, my mom was awake from her daily work nap. She said we were supposed to use it RIGHT after school and for an hour only. But I didn't remember that. So I burst out crying and she was yelling "THE DEVIL HAS GOT YOUR CRINGE!" and I didn't know what she meant. She threatened to send the board back and even burn it. I told her it was the worst thing she could do. I felt like I was dying, like my heart was being taken away from me.

The days following I became very depressed. When I heard my mom sent the Ouija board to someone else, I cried when I was alone. I wished desperately for the spirit to show me a sign it was here. I wrote him a letter too but no reply.

I began thinking I could never let go of the board. It grew so attached to me and it wouldn't let me go. There was some part of me that kept me from helping myself. My friends told me to let go. I would lay in bed, telling myself to let go. And immediately after something else told me, "how could you think that?! You can't forget about the board! How dare you say that!"

I thought I was possessed but deep down I wanted to be. I began wearing a rubber band that I felt like would keep my sad side stuck with me. The demon side I'll call it. Last night, I told myself I never wanted to let the board go and I didn't want to forget it or let anyone make me forget it...

So I cut the word "Ouija" on my arm. I didn't draw blood, I just scratched it on so it was visible and red. I wanted a scar. When I was done I felt satisfied. Those same days I began painting my nails black, tearing all my posters off my walls and putting up words I wrote that said what I felt about the Ouija board.

Then when I told my mom about the cut, she smothered me in sage, shaking my head and saying "all evil spirits go away" and other stuff. She chased me down with a sharpie to write a cross on my arm and back. And I fought back because if there was a spirit, I didn't want it to leave. For some reason I wanted it to stay with me.

But she got away. Now I'm hoping I stay with the spirits. I hope I get another Ouija board. I don't know how long I can move on... I feel like I need the board. I'm obsessed with it!!! I will fight the sage and cross if I have to. I love the Ouija board no matter how evil it is.

Sent in by Becky Weed, Copyright 2011


  1. wtf? datz sum sick shyt! get a life! u needa get out into da world and live your life.. go smoke sum shit.. have a good time! go clubbing and stuff! dont cut yourself! i used to do dat.. its dumb and time consuming.. den i wos introduced to c*a*k. which changed my life.. yeah i started doin sum scary shit, kinda demonic.. like i liked all those words and felt like it was a part of me like i was a whore of sum evil spirit! lolz.. now i limit da usage and im sweet azz.. :D lifez a bitch and den we die.. so fukk da world lets get fryd!! ahhaa

    peace out lil gurl!

    kik bak aiite!

    listen to sum pac!

    1. If you truly do have something dark attached to you, you must have what's called perfect possession. It means it's fully attached to you and you don't want it gone! I hope you move on with your life. I prey for you!

      I played with one when I was six with my sister and a few other kids that were friends of my mother's. We asked stupid questions like what we would be, would we marry and if we would get rich. We all accused each other of moving it to. Today, knowing what I know now, I would never dare touch an Ouija board or even allow one into my house. I always hope that we didn't let anything in. Nothings happened and its been about 27 years but like those like me that have ever been fascinated with the paranormal like I was in my teen years know that things can stay dormant for many years and nothing will happen. However, years later they can awaken to traumatic events or from strife in family relationships.

      I wish you the best of luck.

  2. Aw.. Man. My friends are playing with an Ouija board right now, they made a friend named Fred. I told them to be careful .. I really hope they are careful.. I don't want Fred to possess them, Fred is apparently 14 and was killed by his father along with his other siblings. Anyway.. I always wanted to play with an Ouija board! But not sure if I do anymore.. I'm thirteen and my name is Katy.

    Good luck~

  3. Okay, #1, it is impossible to write the word "Ouija" on your arm. You can write it on you leg,, or toe,,, but nowere else. KK!


  4. you are either full of shit, seriously disturbed or possessed by evil. eitherway this is a twisted story...

  5. i had an angel board. i thought i met my guardian angel on it. but i was kind of scared and my friends kept telling me to throw it away so i did. now i miss it so much i wish i could still talk to ranay my guardian angel but who nows it could be the devil?! i just wish there wasnt so much evil out there so then i could talk to ranay it was very cool. i just miss it sooooo much... but it does scare the crap out of me! anyway in your problem your either possesed or grown attached to the spirit like in my case. just as much as you want to believe there is a poor soul out there that needs you dont caus thts the way evil being get your trust. i think ranay is not a good angel us no good angels would contact you from something as evil as a angel or o board. i still wanna do the board but you cant. heres what you are in the proccess of being a full blown devil worshiper so unless you wanna ruin your life and go to hell than get your life together breath and find out theres better things in life than a lying freaky spirit! AMEN!

  6. Cool Story bro tell it again

  7. that is not yourself talking. your feelings of wanting the Ouija board are not your own. you are being manipulated by the demons. when you play with a Ouija board you open up a doorway and once that doorway is open it is extremely difficult if not impossible to close it. you turned your body into a portal for demons and they are wreaking havoc. feeling obsessed and drawn to the Ouija board is a sign that bad spirits are among you. the only way to stop these demons is to get the board back from whoever your mother gave it to. you have to burn the board and bury the ashes with salt somewhere that it wont be disturbed.

  8. Wow do you want to feel like that? Do you want the evil in your life?

    1. Krispy Kreme MonsterOctober 20, 2012 at 3:24 PM

      Yes, yes I do. I really honestly like it.

    2. if you go to hell those demons are not going to be nice. They are going to rip your skin off constantly which will keep reforming and they will drink your blood. Anything bad you can think of they will do.

    3. if you go to hell those demons are not going to be nice. They are going to rip your skin off constantly which will keep reforming and they will drink your blood. Anything bad you can think of they will do.

  9. Fucking idiot! Lol xD

  10. Knight of HeavenMay 21, 2013 at 7:35 PM

    Evil will never prevail over the light of God. Just let the board go. It caused enough problems as it is. Do not let this evil presence take control of you. This isn't Twilight.

  11. I started to mess with the spirits but never ben bothered... i ask myself if am protected or why wont the spirits answer.... is it because im native american... idk but i'v never felt or ben answered by the spirits

  12. Accept jesus as your lord and savior let him into your heart and he will destroy every spirit inside of you.



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