Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Home Made Ouija Board William Hikaru and George

My brother, who is 13, and I (I'm 17) made our own Ouija board a few nights ago. We decided since the last time we had a Ouija board and it wasn't used properly (we had to throw BOTH of them away because they BOTH kept the same demons coming back and we had a bad experience with them) we decided we'd put all these positive things on it. We put three crosses on it and for our two bottom corners, we put a heart and a star with each element on a point on the corners instead of what is normally seen. We figured if you made it more positive, nothing totally bad would happen.

We recorded our sessions with headphones for a computer so we knew who said what. We were down in my brother's room with it first with some sodas. We left the cans down there and didn't touch them after we finished them. When we contacted George, he called me the most insulting names you could think of. I asked why he was doing that and he said "I HATE YOU BOTH". We said goodbye immediately.

We went back to the recording and in the recording, when I asked who it was, you heard in a man's crackly voice something along the lines of "Help". Then you heard it again when we asked if it was Anna, a spirit we were previously talking to and he said "No it's not Anna." Then you don't hear it for the rest of the recording. Also, since it was a recording, there was no picture for it but while we were doing a playback, a black and white picture came up of a lady having her hand on her cheek. "Hikaru" was the next one. When I said hello, it spelled "HELLO BEAUTIFUL". When I asked who it was, at first it said "HOST CLUB MEMBERS" and I got suspicious because that's what one of my friend's and my favorite shows. I asked who I was talking to and it flew to spell out "HIKARU". It kept asking me to date it and it scared me a little bit. I knew that wasn't this thing's real name. I told the spirit I didn't believe it and it said "I'LL GIVE YOU A KISS ON THE CHEEK I'LL MAKE SURE ITS WET TO PROVE I'M HIKARU." I didn't really say anything and before I know it, my cheek felt cold and soaked! I had my brother touch it, he said he didn't feel it get wet, but he felt it get very cold. That didn't prove anything other than that this spirit gives very sloppy kisses.

The coldness wore off right after we got the spirit to leave us alone after trying 2 times. The dogs started barking hysterically at that point. We didn't think anything of it at first, but this detail is important for later on. When we listened to our recording, we heard banging we didn't hear during the session. It only did it once or twice. The last one was William. Through out the whole conversation, it seemed fine. When we went back to the recording however, it was different. When I asked who it was, a man with a British accent said "William." I asked if he was good and you heard him again saying "Yes." I asked him if he was going to say mean names to us and in the recording you hear him again saying "What." I asked something else but I couldn't understand my own voice but you could hear his clear as day saying "We're on the say day and the same month." I didn't ask anything about dates.

Later on, I asked something about my sister and you hear him say "You're it." I don't know who he was referring to, but it's still creepy. Then, he or someone else, since it didn't sound like him, said something that didn't sound like English. It sounded like croaking. You can tell whatever it was was saying something, you just couldn't understand it. William also said something like "Three different ___" We don't know the last word yet and are still looking into it. Through out the rest of it, you hear croaks. Once we were done, my brother went down to his room. He rushed back up to me in a panic and said "My soda can was crushed! It's on its side and crushed!" He was frightened so we camped out in the living room. Ever since we used it in my room, the cat scratches at the same spot on the same corner of my wall and stares at it. This isn't the most thrilling story ever, but it's very true and it proves no matter what you do, you need to take so many precautions when messing with a Ouija board. I hope you liked it!

Sent in by Keri, Copyright 2011


  1. LISTEN, my father is named William, and he had a dream about this!!!! The "you're it!" means "You're your sister!!" duh.

  2. Y is not any updated stories or comments



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