Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Ouija Board and a True Haunting

When my granddad died, me and my mam went to live with my grandma, I was 12 and got roped into doing Ouija board with my mam and a cousin. It was a home made board, cut out letters and a shot glass on a dining room table. I had no idea it would even work, I still try to think of it as unreal now. Its like I'm looking back at a horror story that has been on TV a work of fiction.

The glass did move, the bloody glass moved even when everyone took their finger off, not far but enough for us to know it wasn't us pushing it. It 'pretended' to be my granddad, knew intimate details from his life that, only my grandma knew about - of which she got very upset and almost insulted when my mam asked her about stuff.

When everyone was out the house I could hear steps up the stairs, like a dog running, I could hear panting in my ear when the light was off, like something was only centimeters away. My room was frozen, I could always see my breath.

I slept in with my mam one night after she had found some boxes shredded to bits on top of her wardrobe. We were just about to go to sleep and the blanket was ripped off the bed by the bottom corner on my side. I was terrified. I kept the blanket in my teeth till I fell asleep.

Loads of things happened, we carried on doing Ouija board thinking it was my granddad, till one night it said to go to his grave, and when my mam did the flowers were shredded over the top.

The last night we done it, we believed we were talking to him and he was asking my mam about tablets she was going to take, little did I know she was contemplating suicide, and all of a sudden it spelled out, don't do this anymore its not John (my granddads name) and the curtains flew inwards and there was a strong smell of feces, that never left for 3 days.

I understand the Ouija board is a fools game, so dangerous, and really I'd like to make sense of what happened. I'm 28 now and never had any strange occurrences since. I often do think back to what happened, and it chills me to the bone.

Sent in by gemmagee, Copyright 2011


  1. Ouija boards are to be messed with played with, and burned all in the same night.

    1. Racheal the ManeaterOctober 20, 2012 at 3:23 PM

      I threw mine off the Grand Canyon.

  2. Great story thanks :o)

  3. My friend and a couple of friends and tryed so many times to work a ouija board but it never seems to work



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