Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sophie's Experience With The Ouija Board

Hello, my name is Sophie and I am going to share my story about my experience with my Ouija Board.

I have used my Ouija board many, many times and have a lot of stories to tell but I am going to share my most recent one from last night.

So me and my friend got bored and decided to use my Ouija board, so we brought out 3 large candles and 1 small trio of candles and placed them around the Ouija board.

We began talking and the board kept telling us it was evil and it kept switching spirits. One minute we were talking to a "M-A-R-I" and the next we were talking to a "M-A-G." Anyways, me and my friend were asking it normal questions seeing as they were evil spirits and we didn't want to upset them. I asked "what is the name of my ex boyfriend?" and it began to write the name, but then it stopped and wrote out "S-A-T-A-N". My friend then said, "what about him?" and the board spelt "I-A-M". Then my friend said " prove it." and then the middle candle in the trio of candles slowly burnt out. The board then told us we were talking to a new spirit, and it wouldn't answer any of our questions. The pointer just kept leaving the board and taking us over to my guitar amp I have in the corner of my room. We brought back to pointer and asked "what is over there? is there something under the amp?" and then the next candle in the trio burnt out. and here is the following dialogue.

    "what is over there? is there something under the amp?"
    "is it important to me?"
    it spelt "N-O".
    "Is it important to you?
    it spelt "Y-E-S."
    "Do you want me to go look under it?"
    it spelt "Y-E-S".

So, I proceeded to do what the Ouija was asking and stood up to go look under the amp when all of a sudden my phone lit up, and it said I had a missed call. So, I picked up my phone and called back the number and the phone said "I'm sorry, the number you have called is not yet assigned to anyone." How could a number that isn't assigned to anyone call me? I forgot about the amp and went back to the Ouija board and said "Are we still talking to the same spirit?"

    "Do you know who called me?"
    "Was it you?"
    "Why did you call me?"
    "ALMALMALMALMALM" (gibberish I suppose)
    "Was it because I was going to look under the amp?
    "What was under there?"
    then hesitantly, the board spelt out
    And then it said goodbye.

I'm sorry if that story was kind of long, but I just needed to share it. I don't know what would've happened if I looked under the amp; I don't know if anything would've happened at all! But the fact that an unassigned number called me, and then the Ouija board said it was because it wanted to stop me from "death" just makes me wonder if there really is a certain entity watching over me, and if the dead really does linger with us during the afterlife.

Sophie P


  1. Well the gibberish, i don't know if you wrote the exact order of the letters, has alma in it, and alma means soul in spanish. Also mal means bad. Alma mal literally translates to bad soul. I don't know if that is reading too much into it.

    1. Fellow Hispanic here :) I think you hit that spot on that's a really great observation



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