Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My First Ouija Board

I collect Ouija boards now I'm 28 years old. I received my first one from my husband while we dated as teens. This board always said off the wall crazy things. But ill tell you of the most intense thing the board has done.

Back in 2002 we had a close knit group of friends in Lynchburg Ohio there isn't much at all to do. My husband told me he had a an Ouija in his closet so I dug it out and my husband his friend and my self sat down to play.

It told us a crazy story of one of the pay lakes around the area had a dead body of someone my husband and his friend knew. And the most insane part it told us our close friends are the ones that put him in the lake. So yes we freaked out and stopped playing the next day we where watching TV flipping through the channels and I kid you not there was a body found in the same lake the Ouija had said!

so as the creepy factor continues those friends the Ouija had said put the body in the lake came over to visit me and my husband his friend that had the Ouija encounter with wasn't there. But as the friends sat, the asked if we heard the news about the body in the lake. We of course said yes. They all acted so strange about it then left.

We later found out the body was 30 years old. And our friends to this day still have no recollection of coming over that day to talk about the body in the lake...

Since then we have played with that board one more time and told my husband he was god. So that board still sits in the bottom of our closet. never to be touched ever again.

melanie peters

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