Monday, March 10, 2014

My Experience Using A Ouija Board

Hello my name is Harley, I wanted to share my experience of using a Ouija board.

I am 30 years old, when I was 13 I received a Ouija board from my crazy sister. The older children opened their presents at 12 at my grandparents house. My cousin Grenville lived down the road, so I phone him and asked if he wanted to play it. So I went over and started unwrapping the thing, my other older cousin Alison saw what we had and told me how to properly use it. She told us to ask simple questions, never ask the spirits to show itself, and to always say goodbye. She also said something about using a piece of silk to wipe and "clean" the board of spirits. So the first couple of times we were just goofing around laughing about it.

The third time we tried to focus more, and slowly the thing started to move. I told him "to quit f-ing around", which he told me he wasn't moving the pointer. So I asked the board-spirit "is there anyone who would like to speak to us?" it pointed to "yes" I asked "are you a man?" it said "yes" I asked the spirit what its name was "it pointed to A-D-A-M. ok so Adam. I asked "how old are you?" it pointed to 5-1. I asked "do you have a loved one?" it pointed to "yes" I asked" is she with you now?" it said "no" and then I asked "where are you from?" and it started to point to H-E-L and right then I freaked out and said goodbye.

We both freaked out my cousin Grenville had this cross with a vial of holy water inside of it. He poured the whole thing on it and told me he didn't want the thing in his house.

Well that was the first and last time I ever used the thing, I keep thinking to myself maybe he was from Helsinki or some other place like that.



  1. My belief is there is a spirit world good and bad. If the string theory is correct there are 10 dimensions. I think any kind of board or cards or whatever, will work. It seems somehow the spirit world say senses our trying in any way to connect with it. Be careful

  2. Seems to be too much evidence not to say there isn't a spiritual world. In fact the strig theory suggests there may be 10 dimensions. I think anything will work that is designed to reach the other side. The spirit world seems to sence us trying to connect. Native Indians were masters of this.

  3. Well .. that was simple.



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