Friday, February 27, 2015

Why Am I The Evil One?

One time me and my family were watching the movie Ouija. My little cousin who is 11 became interested in using a Ouija board so he decided to make one and he asked me to play it with him. We went down to my room, lit a few candles, and said a protection prayer. I started asking questions and it didn’t take very long to get a response. I asked if there was any spirits that would like to communicate and it said no. I looked at my cousin thinking that he was the one who moved it but he looked scared. I ask how many spirits were in the room and it said 8. I asked what it’s name was and it said “D”. I asked if it was from the sun or the moon and it moved to the sun, then went to goodbye.

We used to Ouija board a few times after this and kept getting the same spirit, D. Most times I would ask questions and it would just spell out gibberish. One time we were able to get a few decent answers.

    Me: Where were you born?
    D: Regina
    Me: Are you at peace?
    Me: Do you have any family?
    D: Yes
    Me: Is there anything that you would like to say to them?
    D: SG
    Me: What does that mean? Is it someone’s initials?
    D: Yes
    Me: Do I know this person?
    D: Yes

I have a friend whose initials are S.G and I told her about it and she was pretty shocked. A few weeks later my cousin and I play with it again and were contacted again by D. I asked if he was in the room with us and he said yes. Then I asked if he could show me where he was then the pointer moved off of the board to beside me, then it moved back on the board. He never spelt any words out he just kept moving the pointer back and forth from the sun and the moon. I asked what he meant by that and then he moved it back and forth from the moon and the number 1. I asked if he was trying that say that there is a good and an evil presence in the room and he said yes. I ask who is the good one and the pointer moved towards my cousin. I asked “Is my cousin the good one?” it moved to yes. Then I asked “Who is the evil one?” then the pointer moved towards me. I asked “Why am I the evil one?” then it went to goodbye.

I haven’t used the Ouija board since then, but am I curious to know why it said that I’m evil. Since then I have had a few strange things happen. Like one time when I was laying in bed about to fall asleep, I heard a light whisper coming from the corner of my room. It sounded like it said “Hannah” which is my name. I didn’t think much of it because I was tired so I just ignored it and went back to sleep. About a week later when I was watching tv late at night, I was starting to get tired so I turn off the tv and went to my cousins room to say goodnight but she was already sleeping. I went downstairs to my room and laid in bed then a few minutes later I heard heavy footstep above me, which would be in the kitchen. Thinking that it was my cousin, I went upstairs but she was still in bed sleeping and we were the only ones home.

I want to use to Ouija board again but am too scared. Just curious to know if anyone has ever contacted a spirit named D in the Ouija Board?



  1. Hi there,
    I would leave it alone as you dont know what your really contacting,
    Its common for them to lie and leave you with questions giving you the temptation to use the board again, its a way of getting to you, activity will sometimes get alot worse, and not in a good way. Please use caution with the boards. Wish you all the best.

  2. Yeah I wouldn't touch it again.

  3. You should NOT have let that planchette leave the board. That is a big no no. When you let the planchette slide off the board, the spirit is free in the house. I suggest getting a house cleansing, use sage or use the board again and make sure you close the session properly and ask the spirit to leave.

  4. I would honestly say, that your evil because it seems like he wanted to be left alone and you contacted him again. Just from what I was reading.

  5. Why would he be the evil one though? It was his cousins board and he's the one who asked her to play with him.

  6. I know this is old but how do you keep the planchette on the board?



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