Friday, February 20, 2015

My First Ouija Experience With A Home Made Board

Okay so I was bored and I decided to make an Ouija board. I used a square bit of cardboard, covered it with paper and painted it and used an egg cup. I then waited for it to dry then shut off all the lights, lit a candle and spoke loudly, asking if anyone was there and I will admit my heart was thudding.

I got a weird feeling, fear and excitement mixed into one and I even felt a bit sick. Then, my fingers and the egg cup lost control and I felt something pushing and the egg cup moved towards yes! I was shocked as I wasn't expecting a response at all.

I pulled it onto goodbye and told it I was closing the portal. I think it left as I switched on the lights and asked again but there was no response. However, as I got home from horse riding, I found the tap on full blast in the upstairs sink.



  1. You should not use a ouija board alone because it is more likely for bad spirits to come through the portal

  2. is there anybody that can help me get rid of a curse? I am now 55 and I think as a child I opened up something I should have left alone. Please help



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