Monday, February 16, 2015

Meeting With A Demon

It was a normal Thursday night in the summer, in central Illinois. During the summer my friends and I would get together and watch movies, play video games, and drink.

One night, we decided to play with a Ouija board, and used a shot glass as the pointer.

So, as by usual, the 6 of us were a bit rowdy, and my friends were playing around, moving the shot glass over to spell out perverted words after asking vulgar questions.

Finally everyone was calmed down, and the main speaker, Kaleb, began asking questions, and we started to receive responses.

Kaleb: "Is anyone here?"
?: "Yes"
(At first, everyone was thinking someone else moved the glass, so we asked another question)
Kaleb: How many of you are here?
?: 1
Kaleb: What's your name?
?: O-S-E

Someone asked if that was the name of anyone in our town or something, playing along to see if this was true, and when he was on the phone, the glass spelled out "S-T-O-P". Just about this time, my friend said that Ose is the name of a demon.

We asked a few other questions, and finally told it:

Kaleb: Make it known if you're in the room with it

And then the 8ball fell of the stand where all the other pool balls are. If any of us had had and doubt that this was real, it was gone at this point.

Ore then said "P-I-C-T-U-R-E", so my friend who had the phone took a picture straight on, over me. He looked at the photo, and a shadow was easily visible standing over me. Everyone wanted to quit, but Kaleb said he had one last question.

Kaleb: Touch one of us to prove that you're real.

Then, Kaleb started screaming, and the kid who had the phone said "goodbye", and Kaleb stopped screaming.

We looked at his back, and he had 3 scratch marks running from his shoulder blade, down to kid lower back.

To this day, we've never played with a Ouija board again.



  1. Ill never use one again after my demon encounter with higher ranked demons

  2. Mark of the trinity. I've been obsessing about buying one

  3. That is why you should not play wth Ouija boards. They invite spirits in, yes, but they also invite demons in. Your freind is lucky.

  4. You should never tell a spirit to do anything in your house that can be dangerous

  5. You have been branded by a DEMON, you need to pray for God eand bless you



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