Friday, February 6, 2015

Praying For Protection And Odd Ouija Dreams

It got very creepy when I used an Ouija board a few weeks back. After doing plenty of research, I wanted to try so after praying for protection, I asked if anyone was there. The board spelled out irrelevant nonsense phrases such as "autumn leaves will fall" and "xenoglossy", and by that point I had pretty much given up. I asked what the spirits name was and thinks got more interesting:

Me: What is your name?
Board: Corey. Eight. Boy.
Me: How did you die?

The board then spelled out random names, including Daniel and Rosie, and I had no idea who they were. As we talked, I heard my brother banging about in his room and my phone buzz. The board then said "ignore all distractions", which freaked me out. Later, I got creepier results:

Board: Explain.
Me: What would you like me to explain?
Board: Square board.
Me: Are you talking about this Ouija board?
Board: No.
Me: What do you mean?
Board: It's behind you.

I turned to my game shelf, where the only game which was square was Buckaroo. Obviously, the game is not square but the box storing it was. And I suppose you could call the cardboard which the box was made from boards. I shrugged and said that it didn't know and then said goodbye.

That night, I had odd Ouija dreams. And when I woke up, the Buckaroo game was all over the floor, and it couldn't have fell off the shelf because it was at the back.



  1. were u using a homemade storebought or origanal oujju boread if it is one of them before the sun rises burn the board were used it that should get rid of the dreams

    1. Not to be rude, but i'd have to contradict you. Burning a ouija board results in it screaming and all who hear the scream die shortly afterwards, or so they say. Apparently, the only way to dispose of a ouija board is to break it into seven pieces, sprinkle it with holy water and bury it.

  2. Sounds like demons by those names

  3. Maybe the Ouija was jealous of the Buckaroo board.

  4. Well "xenoglossy" means that you can speak a language without knowing the actual language itself. I would say that when you asked it how he/she died, when he/she said those names, maybe they are who killed he/she. If your experience with the ouija board turns into a haunting, I would bless your house. You could use holy water and mark every opening of your house or every opening to a room, windows, etc. with holy water in the shape of a cross.

  5. This could possibly be an 8 year old boy, so maybe he wanted to play with the game that caught his attention. However the dreams is a bad sign, as interesting as it is, I recommend you to REMOVE. THE. BOARD.

  6. an my sister an friend played the Ouija board an It didnt say a single word that not strange part tho we recored it in middle of it im at this point i thought it all bull till out no My sister started acting strange an looked at me crazy i asked wHat she was doing she anwser me in english then i asked if she was possessed she cocked her head an said do u want go there in english with crazy r look it scared me then she started Crying an was done that not scary Part when we watch video of it she speaking a diff language i still havent found or know what it is i know what she said i was there an thought she was messing with me but i Dont understand what she says on video other then in the moment it happen she she spoke english im trying find out what it means i got video still i just dont know what do with it can some one tell me what its called i understood a different language but i cant speak it or wright it an idk what language it is



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