Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Home Made Pizza Box Ouija Board

Ok so after doing research on the ouija board I made a homemade one out of a pizza box ha ha anyway I finally convinced my mate to do it with me so we placed 3 candles lit them put the shot glass in the middle as the pointer and a silver necklace on the board. Before we started I said a prayer.

I started with saying are there any spirits present. And after about 20 second the pointer moved to "yes" we asked after that more questions eg. What is your name? How old are you? And where are you from? We got "rob" "87" and "e" the rest was gibberish. Then the pointer moved to goodbye and we said goodbye.

After rolling myself a cigarette we decided to continue "we asked again are there any spirits present?" and it moved to yes. I then asked if it was the same person we were talking to before it said yes again. I then asked if there was anything they wished to tell us, it spelt out "door" when I asked what the door meant it started to spell "U-D-I" then I immediately moved the pointer and said "goodbye."

After a discussion with my friend we decided to continue inside as the concrete we were sitting on outside was cold. (I know that is a bad idea) anyway I took the board inside and sat it on the table placed the candles and drew a ring of salt around the table as I lit the first candle I got a really bad feeling and blew out the candle and threw the board in the recycling bin.

Im just wondering peoples thought on this, im not sure if my mate was loving the shotglass when I asked him he said no. Anyway after I threw the board I firmly stated "of there are any entities that remain in the name of Jesus Christ I compel you to leave."

Is there anything I did wrong? And are there any other precautions I should take?

Regards, Andrew


  1. what do you think the ghost was trying to spell when he said U-D-I? I am confused as to why you had to stop the conversation.

    1. sounds like u die instead of udie think u -d i and its not a nice message

  2. Udi the only thing what would make sense would Be diu which is like die or Idu- ido

  3. Maybe it means you die???

  4. Maybe it ment dui driving under influence could be dead under influence even spirits like to have fun

  5. The board wasn't cleansed or broken up or even burned? Good luck mate

  6. I think what you did wrong was playing with it in the first place. People play with evil and when they're done like to call on Jesus. Ever hear the saying do no evil, fear no evil? When u play around u step into new territory. It's not that simple.



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