Saturday, April 4, 2015

No Longer Skeptical About The Ouija Board

I was skeptical about using a Ouija board but nevertheless I bought one. My girlfriend and I then started with it. We asked for the name and it responded "Carol." We then asked their age and it responded "93." My girlfriend then asked how they died and it responded with "Sick."

This was really creepy and I was adamant that me nor my girlfriend were moving the planchette. We asked the spirit where they were from. The planchette didn't move so we asked again and then it started to move quickly in a sideways 8. This got faster and faster and I decided it was best to leave so I took my fingers from the planchette.

My girlfriend didn't move. She sat there with her fingers on the planchette as it moved and spiraled dramatically. I asked her to stop but she was so still just staring at the board. I knew something was wrong with her.

I told her to stop but she never did. I then placed my hand on her's and it felt icy cold. I then grabbed her hand and tried lifting it away from the planchette but it was so heavy and felt as though it wouldn't budge. Eventually I managed to move her hand and she fell backwards.

I noticed the planchette still moving dramatically without anyone touching it. I turned to my girlfriend. She was down on the floor. Her eyes were pure black. She was having some sort of convulsion and foaming at the mouth.

I then stood up and screamed "Leave now." The planchette which was moving by itself was thrown across the room by some force. There was a loud scream from my girlfriend which was not her voice - it screamed "No."

My girlfriend stopped convulsing and she lay on the floor still breathing rapidly. I picked her up and carried her out the building.

We went to the hospital and she told me that all she could remember was seeing the face of a man and elderly haggard woman. This sent chills down my spine.

I for sure will never ever use a Ouija board ever again. I burned the thing.



  1. Yeah Yeah, April fool etc

  2. Is it True? If true so remember if the planchatte moves continiously to 8 means the spirit is very angry..

  3. Figure 8 means the spirit or w.e it is, is trying to get out of the board by doing that

  4. Im so curious about the Ouija board. Im a christian and my mom is like N O. Im 13, never tried it out and probably never will. Id rather be able to sleep without being terrified. Wish i wasnt curious as hell.

  5. I hear that burning a board that an angry spirit came through is really bad. I'm not sure if it's true, I'm curious though

  6. A sideways 8 is an infinity sign.

  7. Don't burn it, because if you do you might here a scream and people who do have less than 36 hours to live. Instead rip it up in 6 pieces and sprinkle holy water on it

  8. I cannot stress enough these next few things.
    1. ALWAYS SAY GOODBYE. I hope for your sake, and for the sake of your girlfriend that you did and just forgot to put it in, because other wise you can release the demon without fully closing the session.
    2. If it starts doing figure eights or counting down, Say goodbye and stop immediately.
    3. If it doesn't stop you have to ask it again, you have to ask in sets of threes.
    If this still doesn't work, you must curse the demon away using the strength of God by saying, "Demon (or insert it's name if you have it) I command you to leave by the wrath of God, leave and never return." Or something to those lines.
    If something goes wrong, like really wrong like this, break it into 7 pieces, sprinkle holy water on it, and then bury it.

    Good luck, guys.



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