Thursday, April 30, 2015

I Talked To The Ghost Of Deborah Stone

About 40 something years ago, an 18 year old Deborah Stone died at Disneyland by being crushed between 2 walls. Rumor has it that at Disneyland people can feel her presence and hear her saying "Be Careful" in certain parts of the park.

Well, the other day my friends and I were playing with a ouija board, and we contacted a spirit named Deb. When we asked her when she died, she said 8. We didn't understand that at first, but after doing research we found that Deborah Stone died July 8th. She also she died when she was 18, and that if how old Deborah was when she died.

We didn't know we were talking to Deborah Stone while we were playing. Yet we asked her questions. Some that we knew the answer to, some we didn't, and some about our future. The ones we knew the answer to, she got all correctly.

Later on, my friend asked Deb who would be the next person she kissed, and Deb spelled out the name of her crush. It was about 10:30 pm now and I decided to ask who would be the next person I kissed, and instead of spelling out an answer, it went to icicicici and it kept repeating itself.

When we first started playing with the board the evening, we asked it if it had anything to tell us and it said no. Although, after we got that strange answer, we asked it again. This time it went quickly to yes. We asked it what it wanted to tell us. And it started to spell out me kill. My friends and I got too scared to let her finish and we quickly said goodbye.

After doing research we found out that Deb was Deborah Stone. I still don't understand why she said icicici but Deb was being perfectly fine until around 10:30, and Deborah Stone died on July 8th at around 10:30, 11:00. I think she was calling out for help.

Rip Deborah Stone



  1. Hi! Not sure if this is relevant, but "ici" means "here" in French.

  2. When spirits repeated letters or numbers like that, it means they're aggravated.



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