Sunday, April 19, 2015

So Many People Have Had Similar Experiences With The Ouija

As a pre teen I often played with the Ouija at my cousin's house. We had many experiences, including supposedly talking to our deceased Grandfather, the planchette doing what we called "crazy 8" when it seemed bored with us but nothing bad or scary.

Years later at a friend's house my boyfriend and I got on the friend's board. In the weeks prior to this my boyfriend had been behaving in concerning ways; acting withdrawn, wearing a black trench coat every day, using cocaine with a former friend of his who he had reconnected with. After a few minutes of forgettable conversation with the board, I asked who we were speaking to and it spelled out Satan which surprised me as I have never been religious. Given such a "ballsy" name I thought to myself, concerning my boyfriend "You cant have him." immediately afterward it spelled out "fuck U bitch", the planchette flew off the board and the window in the room slammed shut.

We threw away the board and I did not attempt again until years later when my husband and I tried it. Nothing happened. For the first time in my life, absolutely nothing happened. We thew it away.

I just found it interesting that when googling Satan, Ouija, that so many people have had such similar experiences.


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