Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ouija Experience With Satan

This is not fake !

Recently one of my friends , Sabrina , died in a car accident , on Saturday.

So , me and 2 other friends (i will give fake names :John and Jessica) decided to try the Ouija Board to communicate with our friend Sabrina.

Me: Is anyone here who would like to talk?


I asked again and again like 10-12 times. Finally it moved to "yes". I asked Jessica if she was moving it , she said no and she looked scared , by the way she is not acting very well...

John wrote that on paper.

I asked "Are you a bad spirit?"

It didn't move.

Jessica asked "What's your name?"

It started spelling "SA" . We were happy because we are talking to Sabrina , but it continued with "TAN". Me and Jessica didn't realize but John told us it spelled "SATAN".
In that moment i was freaked out.

I asked "Do you want to hurt us?"

It spelled "SAT" and then it stopped. We were confused . John finally got it. It means SATURDAY.

Jessica asked "Do you want to say Saturday?"

It spelled "YES".

It was we were scared . I asked if he wants to warn us spelled "DIE"...I closed my eyes because I was tired for a few seconds. And when i opened them the board started counting down to 1.

And it did it again. For 3 times. I asked if he wants to tell us something and it spelled out "1-1-1-1-1-1" I was very confused. Jessica was really scared and she said that she wants to end this. We said goodbye but the board spelled "WATCHOUTSATURDAYCAR".
So that night we were really scared and John told us that he got it.."SATan - SATurday-urday-your day - DIE -your day to die- saturday=your day to die "...when John said that we were really scared and searched on the internet Ouija Board Stories. We found a lot of stories . There was a story of a girl who was warned by the Ouija Board that if she will go outside one day she will die in a car accident and she didn't go to school that day and she is alive. So , I told my parents to stay home , and me , Jessica and john were watching TV all day...and DON'T GO OUTSIDE. This happened last week. Today is Saturday , and surely I am not gonna go outside on Saturday. Never.

I am sorry for my bad English , but I'm not American.



  1. Thank you for sharing, so first off, many Demons lie and say they are the Devil.. And trust me, lucifer will not contact you through a board, only demons.. These boards are dangerous so stay inside abd tear the board into seven pieces and burn it.. You should be fine after. I'm so very sorry to hear about your friend and I must tell you she is not capable of contacting you through a ouija board. But I'm very sorry. Be safe

    1. Why cant her friend contact her through this?

    2. Because the board is open to any spirit-thing-whatever, so 99% of the time you're not gonna get a specific person that you ask for.

    3. First of all, you should never burn the board. You must tear it into seven pieces, sprinkle with holy water (you can get it off amazon for $6) and then bury it. Burning it could release the potential bad spirit locked inside.

    4. Or you can go to a church and get holy water for free.....

  2. Do not burn the board split it into seven pices pour holy water on it an bury it an also unless her friend spirit still on earth it highly unlikely to get her without a real medium most spirit that pass on dnt want to come back

  3. Regarding the holy water - you should never have to pay for this over the net. I'm sure a local priest will happily bless some for you if asked kindly - all the best.



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