Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Who's Pushing?

I had about 6 friends over 3 girls (including myself) and 3 boys. We all got bored and started to mess around with a Ouija and we knew all the rules.

We asked foolish questions at first but as the time got closer to midnight the answers got creepier.

We asked it if it would hurt us and the candles blew out we all freaked out and the answer went to yes, my friend screamed "WHO'S PUSHING" and we all said we weren't. I told everyone to stop playing so we could say goodbye. But one of the girls wouldn't stop she wouldn't even respond.

One of the boys approached her and shook her and screamed STOP. But she screamed back I CANT. He tried to pick up her hand but it was like it was glued down. All of the sudden it started counting down. Which means a demon is trying to get out. The girl finally freed her hand. And I screamed goodbye and everything went silent.

I turned the lights on and later that year I burned the board and I moved. I refuse to have anything to do with the boards.



  1. You burned the board? Good. Very good. The next thing you must do is buy another Ouija board and before anything can say HELLO you must start making the number 8 on the board with your planchette. All the while screaming zozo's name. And then you must count down using the planchette and zozo will definitely come out of the board. Burn the board. It won't get back now. Now you my friend have released something even more horrible han Hitler into the world. How will you sleep at night?

    1. You're not supposed to burn the board ....

    2. Yes you are, to rid the demon away from anything it's attached itself to

    3. No your not its dangerous tryouts really letting them out

    4. You are not to burn the board. After a negative encounter that is this bad, you must break the board into seven pieces, sprinkle it with holy water, then bury it.

  2. I'm not sure if burning the board would work exactly, however I would go to a Priest.. just in case it's not following you.

    1. Burning the board does work on most occasions it rids the demon of anything it's attached itself to

  3. She bid the board goodbye so burning the board was good. But creepy story



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