Monday, July 6, 2015

Zozo & Jon

I spent pretty much all of 2014 incarcerated. When my cell mate and I realized that we both shared an interest in the paranormal we decided to make a homemade board with a cardboard box we had from the canteen and immediately got to playing.

There was this one spirit that would make contact with us like 95% of the time that told us his name was Jon. He told us he hung himself in the jail when he was 27 back in the 1960's. He was very friendly and we enjoyed talking with him very much. He was always very pleasant and funny. Different times he would repeat himself and spell out "5 AM" over and over again so one night when he was saying this we asked him if he wanted to wake us up that night at 5 AM and he said he would. We went to sleep that night and sure enough I woke up and seen my celly's head pop up right when my did and we looked out our cell window and it was 5 AM exactly. We thought it was the coolest thing.

Anyway we would talk with Jon a few times a day, but then started getting him less and less because an entity calling itself zozo started to always come through instead. The few times we would manage to get Jon he wouldn't talk for long until zozo would cut in. The last time we made contact with Jon he told us we needed to stop playing because "a very bad man" was taking over the board. We would only be able to make contact with zozo after that, and he was always rude and trying to countdown the numbers which we knew was bad so we just stopped playing.

It wasn't until I was released and able to do some internet research that I found out zozo to be a powerful demon. But also when I looked up a man named Jon Alart who killed himself in that jail I learned that nothing like that ever happened.

Creeps me out knowing Jon was never who he said he was the whole time but I still like him a lot knowing he warned us about zozo.



  1. I never really cared who zozo was until the other day, the spirit in my house, Gauegg, told us about him, saying he didn't like our friend (I'll call her Tina) because she had a bad spirit following her. We asked who it was, and he said 'Zozo' we didn't know who it was and had to look it up. Very bad DX but I still co tinue to use my board as often as possible it's my favorite thing to do, except Gauegg has now permanently inhabited my board and he's also a bad spirit.

  2. That's creepy and awesome at the same time I always wanted a Ouija Board

  3. The only way to find out is by writing the warren of the jail in which you were at and maybe they might reply. Even warrens lie especially if they want to keep their jobs at that time no security camera. What if his name was Jona lart. or Jon A lart.

  4. I know zozo because in numeracy my name means 7 and birth date means 4 and zozo is the number 38 so yeah, he likes to torment me mentally and drive me up the wall. I wish I was warned.

  5. I recall a vision of you 2 in prison. There is a boy, named James or Jason, who acted like a spirit (demon of infirmity, hepatitis) Jon to you through a board, because of attachments. It's a con; James had about 5 people he was playing as names of spirits. Now, the boy James or Jason, using the word zozo, I was observing, because it was a name I had once used, but now was being used by that deceptive kid, but I didn't communicate through the board to you. That's why he peeled out, saying, gotta go, because Jon was a lie, James had to fake the departure. Yes James has no conscience, he lied to me too.

  6. I love women who have been to me for some reason. I was incarcerated myself from 99 to 04.


  7. Im a woman and was in jail in newhall and believe me it aint sexy rob,,,and as for this zozo thing what people are going on about i do believe in the after life and ouija boards all tho ive never played 1 but would like too,i dunt no wether or not to believe most of you cos it seem like pure and utter shit what some of you are saying,,im sure telling lies about the after life,devil,spirits etc will have a terrible effect on you all,thats a thing you shunt do firstly play the ouija board and talk to it like shit and lie about things saying this and that happend when it didnt ,, from zoe 26 doncaster



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