Friday, July 31, 2015


My friends and I have always been interested in all the supernatural and spirits and all that. So, I suggested we try and Ouija board just for the sake of it. Because none of us owned one, or had the money to buy a super nice old wooden one, we bought a cheap 20$ one at the mall. None of us thought it would work.

We went out behind the mall, still daytime, and tried the board. It didn't work at all. So we gave up and all went home. That night I heard my doors creaking and moving around in the lower floors, perhaps I was wrong to assume it was one of the animals.

Skip forward a few weeks when we tried again at the house of the friend who took the board home. This time it answered, and it was extremely strong. It told us it's name, ktrn, which we assumed to be Katherine. We asked it to flicker the candle in the room, it didn't. We asked it to knock over a cup, it didn't. As a joke we asked to inhabit a friend, huge mistake. I started to notice it speak pointless gibberish, and when I traced the lines with my eyes I saw it was drawing the Satan star. Right before we dismissed it one of the 4 people took their fingers off. We panicked and it said goodbye. Though we were spooked that something may happen, we shook it off.

Nothing out of the usual happened for a bit, then the 6 of us went into the living room, turned on a movie, and fell asleep. I later woke up, around 2 am, at the sounds in another room. All my friends were still in the living room, asleep, and there was no animals in this house. The TV suddenly went out and the cup we had asked the spirit to knock over was thrown off the kitchen table. I freaked out and woke up all my friends.

We turned on the lights but nothing was there, we all stayed awake the rest of the night and I still sometimes hear moving around my house and the blankets getting pulled away at nights when I'm alone.



  1. Ok so first off yes it was a HUGE mistake to give it permission to inhabit a friend. But all you need to do is cut or tear that board into 7 pieces.. Then burn it.. I would suggest that you pray and bless the house and if you are still worried you can bless water and make holy water, it's quite simple just look it up, and then all of you and your friends need to put some on the fire and also on yourselves just to be sure.. Once all of this is complete if there are still things happening in your house contact a priest to bless the house then you should be fine.. Just be sure that you know these boards are NOT a game. So if you do it again (which I am not encouraging and it is a bad idea) make sure to take precautions. Stay safe

    1. Do NOT burn the board! First, to correctly get rid of it, you cut it into seven pieces, pour holy water on it, then bury it.

  2. Agreed dont ever burn the board it will let anything traped in side out an you wont be able to put it back bury it



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