Friday, August 14, 2015

Inspired By The Movie Ouija

My boyfriend and I were watching the movie Ouija and with no surprise it inspired us to make one. He cut up a piece of one inch wood and I worked for hours with the sharpie. When I had finally finished the Ouija board after three days my boyfriend and I couldn't wait to use it. The first time we tried it was around 12:30 am. He had used one before but it was my first time using a Ouija board so i was very hesitant.

We placed our fingers on the planchette we made out of cardboard and circled the board two times. We even recited the same saying the teens said in the movie Ouija. "As friends we gather, hearts are true, spirits near we call to you." We asked if anyone was with us and immediately the planchette moved to "yes". My boyfriend asked what its name was and it went to "Z". With it being my first time i wanted to say goodbye because i had chills all over.

My boyfriend and I played the following day and we came in contact with Z again. We asked his full name and it responded "Zac." We asked if he was a good or evil spirit and at first he said he was a good spirit but then later on he told us he was an evil spirit.

He kept giving us random numbers and changing his story. What really freaked us out was when he kept going back and forth with A and M. I then looked up Zac online and surprisingly found a similar story.

But now every time my boyfriend and I play with the Ouija board, all we get is Zac and all he says is A and M and nothing else. He is becoming more angry because the planchette is moving faster giving my boyfriend and I chills.

We then asked if we could talk to my boyfriends deceased sister and Zac replied with A -M and nothing more.

Later on i came across a spirit MAMA and im not sure now if we are talking to Zac or Mama. We are going to continue talking to him to figure out what he wants but we aren't sure if that's the best idea.

Wish us luck!




  2. As I've used ouija board so much by being obsessed with it I never knew how bad it could be, last year I've been messing around with it all by my self alone at first i got nothing other than gibberish but when the planchette started moving by itself I ask if anyone is there and it move to "no" first and suddenly "yes" then I asked what it name was and it spelled out Z-A-I-N-T M-A-M-A I have no idea what that name means even when I looked up I found nothing but people say there is an evil demon named "zozo" and he fakes every name starts with "z" and often calls himself as "mama zozo" or "mama zaza" when I came to know that I got thrilled and there were many nights I couldn't sleep It was like I was imagining spirits hovering around my room.
    when I was using the board my finger started to feel weird like something was going inside them, I asked the board if I could leave and it goes back and fourth to no and yes and then moves in a figure 8. Since it was forcing me to stay I forced the board to say goodbye and it finally did, ever since then I'm scared of even going near that board, so i sprinkled holy water on it (as people say if you sprinkle holy water on the board when abandoning it, it won't haunt you) and then I threw it in the trash. Five months later we moved away from our house and I was still scared and unsure if it comes to haunt me but nothing happened until now, so I'm so glad I got rid off it or the evil demon I contacted with,that hides his true identidentity that is zozo, by faking every name starts with "z" or by calling himself as "mama" I hope you don't come to contact with him again, God bless. xx

  3. mama is evil and this guy z is zozo



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