Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I Will Never Use A Ouija Board Again

So my friends decided to play with a Ouija board at a sleepover the other night (can you say stereotype?) But I told them I wasn't going to play because I think they're evil honestly. But they were playing it for literally 3 hours straight.

They met a woman named Gaby. She was in a car wreck, she crashed head on with a tree. And she was impaled through her stomach apparently. My friend who we'll call Christine started to get unbearable pains in her abdomen and back. She started screaming and crying, she could hardly breath. So we laid her down and they decided to use the board again.

They asked Gaby if she did that to Christine and she said yes they asked why and Gaby said she was mad at her. They asked why and the board began to do figure eights and I told them to say goodbye because that means it's evil I think. So they didn't listen to me of course, they asked the spirit its name and it said h. They said goodbye and we all had bruises in the same place.

I was getting scared so I freaking broke out salt, rosaries, bible verses, we got into a prayer circle, everything.

My friends are complete idiots so they wanted to do it again and they started asking questions about me. They asked it like who I was in love with and none of my friends knew who I liked and it spelled it out ( and his name is literally the weirdest most complicated name in the world) it was creepy. They asked it if it could kill me and it said yes and they asked if it was going to and it said no.

My friends head started bleeding but that's all I remember. I will never use one again.


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  1. You seriously need better friends. They didn't have your best interest at heart at all.



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