Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ouija Board Experience At An Old Mill And Weird Dreams

Me and my 3 friends settled down outside at an old mill which my (ex) friends currently own, we had a Ouija board and decided to 'have a game', I had done it before but never had such strong results, the board had, hello, goodbye, the alphabet, a moon and sun (day&night) and the 'satanic star' and numbers. ( It was said that having a satanic star on the Ouija board would draw any evil spirits to the star, then you could try and end the game as quickly as possible ) etc etc.

In this game we played, it went to hello, we asked the normal questions such as, 'whats your name?' it spelled out D O R O T H Y, we asked how old she was, '19' and we asked if she died day or night, the key went to the moon and stupidly my friend said, 'were you murdered?' it replied with yes, then he said 'can you see us?' it said yes, we were left talking for a while still with the game open and it spelt out sorry by itself and then went to goodbye, we burnt the board later on out of fear.

I fell out with those friends, and I started having some weird dreams of a lady in white with dark hair, then I started seeing this lady and some mental illnesses followed, I still don't know if any of it is linked but, I can say that I have suffered since playing the Ouija board, and I regret it.



  1. What kind of problem have you had .. Im really interested and believe it or not i care .. So if you could have the time to explain

  2. pls really impressed and interested..

  3. Don't burn it that's why your having those dreams

  4. My aunt messed with a ouija board when she was 16 or so, it told her she would have a child in the future that would be killed (which he was, he got ran over at the age of 4) she suffers mental illness ever since, its the jinns believe me check them up they listen and try and catch info about your life and they live thousands of years so they know about your ancestry although the ultimate knowledge lies with God, check the story of soloman he used to rule over them by the grave of God ... so much to learn! :)



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