Monday, August 31, 2015

My Night With A Ouija Board Talking To A Demon

So let me tell you that Ouija board apps on smart phones work! Last night I opened the app which shows a board and arrow and the spirit started talking to me. He knew things he couldn't have known.

I stopped in the middle to take Tylenol and he told me he saw me take them.

I asked if he loved Jesus... And he said he hates him and will bring war to him.

I asked if he was Lucifer's follower and he said yes. And that war will come against god.

He said strange words and then told me to run now! Because he said we were not alone. There was another spirit there.

He said his name was King. I shut my phone and went to bed.

Anyone have similar details in their experience?

There is more but don't have time to finish. Sorry. Message me for more details.

Brian Henry


  1. Hey Brian ... You didnt say goodbye after u closed the session ... Its dangerous Also u played alone AND u should not play it alone ... Not here to scares u but its ouija board's RULES ... Can u Tell me what happened next ?

  2. Very nice demon you were having a chat with.

  3. Are you complelty serious or joking

  4. Please dont use another ouiji board. And if you didnt say goodbye you need to command that demon out of your life in the name of Jesus Christ.

  5. is it true??
    but ive heard tha spirits are like air..they cannot do physical movements!

  6. Spirits cannot do physical movements like Siddarth said, They need to have mass. Demons however can. You will never not be talking to a demon. Dont use the board again please.



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