Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Three Ouija Stories

Me and my friends are obsessed with Ouija. So one night we decided to play it at my friend Lauren's house. Like we do almost every time we go over there. We started playing around midnight. The spirit we had gotten said it was a 'haunter' meaning it followed you around until you got another spirit. We stopped after it started cussing at us. We had all went into her bathroom and we were playing around with Bump-its. After I had put it in my hair. We decided to go play again. I took it out of my hair and set it down on the counter. We went back into Lauren's room turned off the lights, re-lit the candles and started playing again. The haunter we had earlier was back... we took our hands off and the piece moved off the board onto the carpet. Since no one had touched it we turned on the lights and the bump-it had been next to me.

We went to bed after this, super scared, when we woke up her clock that had been working before we went to sleep was broken and all three of the pieces were on 6, Making it look like 666 which are supposedly the devil's numbers.

Another time we played it at her house we had gotten the same ghost again, we had a two liter of sprite outside the door, and the haunter threw something in the room. we ran out and found the sprite bottle had been knocked over and leaked all over the floor. We checked the cap and it was still as tight as we left it.

The night before Halloween, me and Lauren had played, around 11:50 pm. we noticed that when it was 12 the spirit had disappeared and hadn't answered our question. Another spirit had come claiming that it was 'the devil'. I told the board that this had to be fake and it told me to 'go to hell' about 5 times, pointed to 6 three times, called me a bitch and then left.

Those are my true Ouija stories. it was really scary to experience that.

Sent in by Kailey and Lauren, Copyright 2011


  1. I'm sure. Hey, does Lauren take acting classes by any chance? Your a loser.

  2. Yeah because calling yourself Miley Cyrus doesn't make YOU a loser.

  3. Calling BS on this story. Alarm clocks do not tick over to the 6 in the minute section they just go from 5 back to zero. Have you ever heard of 5:61 or any other time where there is a 6 in the middle position?

    1. There's this thing called the number 8. Also, something else. Radio stations

  4. Wow, Miley is a loser. And both anonymouses are losers. I'm a winner, just like Charlie Sheen!!

    BTW, @ first anonymous: The MileyCyrus thing was a joke.

  5. please do not listen to the anon/ haters. You are very lucky that nothing else was experienced. I belive opened doors can never be closed. I do suggest that you should not play the board ever again. but particularly after 12. Please. I would hate to see another story by you saying how worse things had hgotton. Do not contact this demon again. You may be talking to a specific one calle ZOZO. google it. and preoceed withcaution.

  6. No, dude are you serouis???? I freaking love pie too. I think we might be soulmates!!!

  7. you shouldnt ever take your fingers of the planchette ever thats letting them in

  8. All I can say is I am very confused about why you didn't stop as soon as it said it was the 'devil'. Even if you knew it wasn't, all Ouiji board activity should stop as soon as the name is mentioned. When you use a Ouiji board you are opening up a doorway from their world to your world. If it was the 'devil', taunting it by saying it wasn't the 'devil' would of course insult it, which I would assume would make it angry. Angry spirts are never good. However if it wasn't actually the 'devil' and it was just a spirit messing around with you, by using that name it could still summon such spirit. Then again, you never know. I also agree with lorna scott, never take your fingers off of the planchette, you are allowing the spirit to entre this world. I would advise NOT to use it again, just to be safe.



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