Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ouija Experience and Demonic Voices

One night when I spent the night at a friends house we found a Ouija board. My friend requested that we played it and so we did. Before we started my friend went over the rules about it.

Rule 1: Do not ask the Ouija board when or if someone will die on this date.
Rule 2: Say a prayer before we start.

Then my friends sister and her boyfriend came down and asked if they could play so we let them. Then we started. The first question we asked was "Are there any spirits in this house?" But we all knew there were. The Ouija triangle pointed to yes. Then we asked "how many ghosts are in this house?" The Ouija board went from 5 to 7. We didn't know if it was either 5 or 7 but there is a possibility that it could of been 57. Next we asked "is there any way to see you or know one is here?" Then it went straight to goodbye.

That very night me and my friend were laying down when we heard a little girls voice. It was a faint voice so we barely understood it. We didn't really care because we thought it was my friends niece playing with her Barbie's. But then we heard that voice again at 2:00 in the morning. We weren't asleep because we all were watching a movie. When we heard it that time I asked my friend if her niece was still awake and she told us "no she goes to bed at like 11:00." Then we all went to go see what it was. We went into her living room and saw a small dark shadow, we got a little closer to check if it was real. We still couldn't see it. Then we thought it was just our imagination since we really tired so we all went to sleep.

That morning we heard the phone ring. My friend answered it and the person on the other line was yelling saying that prank calling isn't funny and demonic voices are not appropriate for us kids. Then my friend asked what was she talking about. The lady said that someone called her house at 5:00 in the morning from that phone with a demonic voice saying that she should watch were she sleeps and that it was gonna get her. Then my friend told her that we were all asleep by 2:00 and the lady just kept on yelling.

Still to this day we don't know what had gone on that night. Who was that girl and who or what called that lady. We try to forget it but we think about it whenever we all stay the night there.

Sent in by Naomi Kurtis, Copyright 2011


  1. (((((((lets go)))))))))June 17, 2011 at 9:47 PM

    Th lady was probably a drunk moron who laughs a lot. Oh wait, the drunk lady was me. Sorry about that.

  2. Do not listen to whoever this lets go person is. You are very. very. Lucky. You never know who is talking to you, and it is important that you do not mess around with th e boards. There are more than 2 rules. Some other rules-
    you must always properly say goodbye to whatever you are talking to
    if somthing evil comes from the board, tear it to 7 pieces and destroy it AND the pointer. do not just throw it away.
    Do not ask the ghost personal questions lke how it died or why it was here.
    NEVER joke with the ghost and insult it.

    you can google the other rules, but i would just stay away entirly from the board if i were you.

  3. "let go".......suck my 12'dick you bastard!

  4. that's pretty sketchy but I'm used to those kinds of things, one time my and my best freind used my homemade wooden quija board and we where in contact with a demon and I asked him/her to give use a sighn of it's presence and at first nothing happend the my freind asked me if I heard that and I said no and then I heard a very raspy evil sounding voice say hello and I said to him I heard it and the weird thing is I heard the exact same voice latter on that night when I was home alone and I just said hello back, I'm very comphortable around demons to this day. If enyone wants to hear more of my experiences feel free to email me at

  5. Demonic slimes!Jesus has power eternal over you!!!

  6. I read this and my butt started tingling. (((((((lets go)))))) is a super hot chick in real life. I know her.

  7. I had a huge chill go down my body when I read the part about the phone calls. I had a similar experience. Someone/something called my house. My friend answered. A creepy/evil voice said,"what's wrong with your garage? Is there something in there?" And the more scared my friend got the more it evilly laughed at her.

  8. you should have researched first you broke an important rule you never ask the spirit to prove that its with you ever its inviting them in and they may decide not to leave



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