Monday, March 21, 2011

Ouija Board Story From Florida

It was a rainy Friday midnight, and I was sleeping over at my friend Lucy's house. It was a sleepover party and two of my other friends were there, Susan and Paige. It was starting to get bored, and we were all sprawled out on the couches, trying to fall asleep. Lucy pointed out that she couldn't sleep and we all agreed, so we ran around the house looking for something to do, then... Lucy found an Ouija board under the couch. She set it down on the floor, and Susan and Paige giggled and sat down beside her to play with it. Me? I watched from upstairs, shaking, covered in a blanket, and holding a nerf gun. Oh, that Ouija board gave me the creeps as soon as Lucy shoved it in my face, and I refused to play with it...

They began asking silly questions like which boys in the class liked them and what were they going to eat tomorrow morning and if pink looked good on them. Even though I was still a little creeped out, I was starting to get relieved, and started to fall asleep, still holding my nerf gun. I heard all 3 of the girls gasp, and I blinked and opened my eyes. Paige turned around and screamed at me, ''WE ASKED HOW MANY PEOPLE WERE IN THIS ROOM, AND THEY SAID 5!'' I blinked and realized that there was someone else in the room with us! Lucy squeaked and said she was scared, and started clinging to Paige. I stood up wrapped in my blanket, and scanned the room. Suddenly, something clawed my back before pushing me down the stairs. I fell face first and fainted.

When I woke up, I was surrounded by my mom, Paige, Lucy, Susan, my dad, and the girl's moms. They said I had jumped down the stairs and fainted, and I knew that I didn't slip, I didn't trip, and I sure as hell did not jump myself. Something pushed me, and I had the claw marks on my back to prove it. For 2 years, Lucy had been haunted by a demon, and no matter what she and her family tried, nothing worked. Paige and Susan were also haunted. I'm still glad I never even touched the board.

Eventually, the demons that had haunted Paige and Susan went away. But Lucy kept getting haunted, and I still don't know what had haunted her exactly, all I know is that it had killed her. That happened years ago and it still scares me. And as I'm typing, the pieces of a broken Ouija board are sitting around my feet. My brother had gone and bought an Ouija board, without even knowing what it is capable of. I swear there is something wrong with my family. Well, as cheesy as that may have sounded, this is the truth, and I've written all I want to write. Jadey out.

Sent in by tHeCrAzYoTaKu, Copyright 2011


  1. AIPbefnlaweifn'[a/w;ojbefu;aoweubfakjsbcv;aeksjbcv a;ejkbvcl aiekwjnclaiwejk oh sorry I fell asleep on my keyboard. That was so boring. Look up Abercrombie instead.

  2. Christina:

    That was not funny, you shrew. Get a life. The Ouija is not to be messed with. It is a real tool used by the devil.

  3. i agree that it is a real tool and not to be messed with ....believe me i have had a real expeirence with it and i know my spelling is off but anyway don't mess with it and don't joke about it

  4. that was really ignorant of you to play the bored at work in someones home with out there permision! you also open a gateway to hell inside the house u baby sit for! that was so rude and disrespectfull to that family esp when they have a young child! you need to tell the owners of the house that u used the quiji in the home! they now need to have there house bless by a priest! in blessing of homes,exorcisims,and closing the gateway and door to hell u open in there home! you need a catholic priest,even if u or family not catholic that is the only religion and power the catholic priest religion and prayers and bible has over thease demons!that was so wrong of u to do in someone hone with young child! you put the house there child and them in great danger of satin and his demons! u put there safty,mood,sanity,health,faith,and life at risk! you need to do the wright thing now!

    1. Did you read it? They had a sleep over party.

  5. First of all I want to correct all of the people who commented about the ouija bourd being a gate way to hell, it is no such thing just a gateway to the other side, where there are evil and good spirits it depends on which spirit talks to you first, when you play the board you must be very cautious and aware, You also must respect the board, meaning don't ask dumb questions such as ur friends did, don't ask the spirit to do something for you like give you a sign, don't ask a spirit how they died or when, nothing to do with death because they may still be touchy in that field, dont stop playing the board before saying goodbye the proper way drag the planchette to goodbye and say 'we are going now rest in peace', don't lift ur hand off the planchette while playing, and you must concentrate, no giggling, no laughing, just be serious cause in the end if you don't it won't be all fun & games.

    Oh and a heads up: if the planchette starts making an eight sign it mean your dealing with an evil spirit a demon or the devil,
    If the planchette starts going in circles the spirits opening a portal so it may pass through the board, if one of these thing happens drag the planchette towards goodbye (as fast as you can) and say what I mentioned earlier when wanting to stop using the board but say it in a strong voice. And as fast as you can flip the board over as well as the planchette.

  6. I played but didnt work considering my husband is the devil

  7. your friends shouldn't have done the board if they are going to ask it such silly questions you should always take it seriously its not to be messed with trust me iv had experience and its not nice all the things that have happened to me are without doing a board and i know for certain if i ever did a ouija board then things would escalate



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