Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Years Ouija Board Session

It was New Years eve and me and my three other friends decided to play the Ouija Board. We got it out and started to play. It was pitch black. We asked it stupid questions but nothing seemed to work. My friend then sat up and yelled "this b.s these things don't work" We ended up getting into a huge fight over the Ouija board. We put it towards good bye to close our session.

 Later on that night after my friend who didn't believe in the Ouija Board had fallen asleep. My two friends and I got out the board. We asked it if there was spirit and the glass went to yes. We then asked it its name, how they were killed, how old they were, and who killed them. The board told us her name was Allie and she was murdered by her brother when she was 10. My friend thought it would be funny to ask her if she lived in the house with me. The glass quickly moved to yes. Then the glass started to move to the four corners of the board. I remembered reading that if that were to ever happen to move the glass to goodbye before it reached the 4th corner. We moved it to goodbye then put the board away for the night.

 The next day when it was only me and my friend Bridget left we decided to take out the Ouija board. We asked to speak to Allie and we just talked to her about her life when she was alive. After a little while of playing with the board I started to get the feeling that i was being stabbed in my stomach. I freaked out and asked her to stop. It went away after a good 5 minutes. Then my friend thought it would be so cool to ask if they could show us a sign. We then heard Scratching at the walls. I started to freak out and quickly ended the session. I turned on the lights and saw scratches all over the walls. My stomach started to get the stabbing feeling again. I lifted up my shirt to see i had scratches all over my body.

I have never used or plan on using a Ouija Board ever since that day.

Sent in by Shelby, Copyright 2011


  1. Okay, think for a minute. The scratching on the walls is a lie, you are a lie, the Ouija is a lie, I am a lie, your brain is a lie, and so is this website. A lie. You're nothing but a lie.

  2. why people read stories on this site when they dont believe?huh

    1. Entertainment. It's funny.

  3. My Name Is Allie :3 Anyways, Good Story! Sounds Freaky.

  4. I hate how disrespectful people are on this website.

  5. You come on here to read stuff about the ouija board yet you NEVER believe the stories?! Go away if you're just going to insult people

  6. It's real. I've talked to my mom through it. So if you're going to be disrespectful then please take you and your negative comments somewhere else.

  7. you should never ask for a sign that theres someone with you hope your ok and that nothing else happened



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