Friday, May 8, 2015

A Few Questions To Ask Before I Play Or Use A Ouija

I don't have story to tell but a few questions to ask before I play or use a Ouija for safety.

1st off Ive always been interested in the paranormal and I've bean reading these oujia board stories and today I got board and thought might as well give it a shot. I made a board with a pizza box and a shot glass took it upstairs by myself to play right when I put the board on the table and salt around it (heard its to keep you safe).

Anyway before I put the glass on the board I froze I didn't know what to do I had a bad feeling in my guy and I stood there for a few minutes deciding what to do anyway I ended up doing so I don't know if I did it right but I asked the normal questions nothing happen I still had the bad feeling in my gut so I stopped and threw the board out.

I'm wondering if I should play or not? How to make sure nothing will follow me and hurt my family I want your opinions.



  1. If youre interested in the paranormal, there are ways you can get to communicate with them without using a board. The easiest way to do this is simply by keeping a book or diary and in this you write to the spirits you are wishing to talk to; address them,(simply writing dearest guardian or guardian spirits is specific enough) followed by your message or your question, ending it with something along the lines of "With the purest of intentions, I seek your presence" and you may want to write something like "blessed be" at the end of that. Light one candle for the duration you write your message (this will act as vessel for your guardian and helps to get its attention because they manifest in frequencies of light) blow out the candle and leave the book open while you sleep. I dont often use this method myself because I hear them all the time regardless but when you get a response it may be in the most subtle of forms, it could be in signs in your life events rather than any words but when you wake up the next day go back to the message and write down on the same page whatever comes through you - This is called channeling and while it may not always work it is a much safer method than using an ouija board (although it may be easier to get a message using a board) while it may not always work, sometimes they respond not by words but by events that seem to come out of no where in your life.. They will often try to show you things without using any form of verbal or written communication. Just writing this I guess I see why so many people chose to use ouija because its often the most obvious sign of a spirit being present.

    Now after all of that, I guess you can review that bad feeling you had and with my advice make an informed decision about why you think you felt that way ;)

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do

  2. I know you are not muslim most probably. but there is a whole chapter in Quran from God about Jinn eings (i.e. the spirits). Remember there are no spirits of the living, they are Jinn impostors. Also read this verse and decide:
    [72:6] "Human beings used to seek power through jinn beings, but they only afflicted them with a lot of adversity."

    1. I am muslm and I believe you should not mess with these kind of things don't forget jins (spirits) can possess you if you do something that upsets them

  3. I used a Quija board a few times in my life but nothing ever came of it. But I do believe in disembodied human spirits though I still have yet to see one. I live on a haunted road in Victorville called: El Evado rd. You can google it. Some day I will drive down El Evado rd. at night to see for myself.

  4. It is incredibly foolish to try and communicate with spirits of any kind. Demons are real and are able to possess anyone who opens themselves to them. It is not a joke and it is not a game. If you really know anything about demons you would know that they are to be taken seriously. Spirits of the dead, or ghosts, do not roam freely around the earth, but demons do, and if you communicate with anything it will be a demon. Take this seriously and stay away from ouija boards or anything that could communicate with them.

    1. I agree.. Demons disguise themselves as spirits of your dead loved-ones, friends or other people to try and build a connection with you.. Don't allow them. I used ouija board once, (i asked forgiveness from God) and if you really want a paranormal experience, this thing really works, but is it worth your soul?!

  5. When you use a ouija board, you don't know what's going to come through. If you come into contact with something bad, you're screwed. It's hard to get rid of the board (depending on what came through) and it could come back worse if you try to get rid of it. In the moments that you use a ouija board, you are opening yourself up to anything that could possibly come through.

    Don't use a board no matter what

  6. Okay im tired of this fake - real - fake - real - fake - real, im going to use it now if i dont comment again then something went wrong

  7. I want to use one too. I want to communicate with my grandmother who recently passed away but I don't want anything bad to happen to my loved ones or pets. I am hesitant to buy one. Help!?

  8. This ain't good.... he/ she wrote five days ago.... i don't think it's ok ....

  9. Just don't do it alone and you'll be fine

  10. It is INCREDIBLY dangerous to use the Ouija board alone! Never do that! That bad feeling you had was probably some kind of negative energy coming from a spirit that wanted to hurt you! ALWAYS have Ouija board sessions with at least 2 people.

    You're lucky you haven't gotten hurt!

  11. I`ve always been interested in paranormal things, especially spirits. I do have some experience with Ouija board, and all I can say is: if you don`t have strong will or spirit or someone like that with you, don`t do it. But if you want to, there are certain things that can (most of the time) help you:

    1. Do not use Ouija alone...never!!! No matter what, don`t do it. Your energy may not be strong enough, so nothing will happen, that`s the better case. Worse case is that you really may get possessed. It may sound ridiculous, but in certain extreme circumstances it may ruin your life
    2. Do not play at home. If, by any accident, you release some spirit, you don`t want it to settle down in your house. Play in the park, open space. Do not try graveyard or place where you know many people were killed or buried. You don`t want to wake them up.
    3. Be polite.
    4. Always say thank you and goodbye at the end of session. If the board is not replying or resisting, force it. But try to keep calm. Remember, negative emotions attract more than positive. If you stay calm and polite, 99% of the time you don`t need to worry
    5. Salt is used for protection, in general. If it makes you feel safer, make the salt circle around
    6. If you feel uneasy or you feel tension or you have that bad feeling in your gut, there is a reason. Do not play
    7. The only real way how to get rid of Ouija board is to burn it

    Last, but not least: Why do you want to communicate with death ones? Rather talk to people who live.

    And remember, do not trust everything that board will say. Sometimes spirits like to dick around. If they don`t want to tell you basic info like name, rather stop communicating with them. If they`re being nasty, politely say goodbye.

    !!!If the boards spells something demonic, force it to say goodbye. If it starts to make move resembling laying 8 (infinity), something`s trying to get out of the board. Force it to goodbye!!!

    Last advice: keep your mind clear and your spirit positive. And keep strong. The weaker you are, the worse experience you get. And I am not talking about physical strength.

    Take care

  12. This is not good... the last time that q responded was 6 days ago... You were warned, for anything can be channeled from a board.

  13. Well, people do have lives. They have other things to do besides sit n reply to people on a website. But thats non of my business.

  14. Don't play the oujia board it is no joke if your foolish enough to then you might want to start planning your own funeral.

  15. It's not the dead to be worried about, the living ones are a problem.



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