Friday, October 16, 2015

My Friends Always Wanted To Use A Ouija Board

My friends always wanted to use Ouija boards, but I have a feeling not everyone took it seriously enough. One night, I was on the board with one friend, and three more girls were with us off the board. Katie never wanted to put her fingers on the planchette. She never did. Years ago she woke up with a huge scar on her back and she claims that she has no idea how it got there. It genuinely looks like someone took a knife and carved a perfectly straight line. Whenever we play Ouija she says it stings.

That night, Katie asked how she got the scar. The spirit spelled out 'B-A-D' over and over at a rapid speed. Faster than I think my friend or I could've moved the planchette. We asked who gave her the scar, with the spirit responding 'Samantha'. Katie looked pale. Ever since she was little, Katie said the name Samantha in her sleep and had dreams about her. She asked how old Samantha was in her dreams. The spirit said 68. Katie said it was true.

We were all freaked out - of course Katie especially. We slept with a flashlight on. Katie and 2 of my other friends fell asleep, but one other friend Amy and I stayed up talking. Amy and I were on the couch and Katie was on the floor right below us. Just when I thought Amy had fallen asleep, I saw Katie's arms go up in the air. She was slowly swaying them. Creepily slow. I just stared. Then she sat up. She was muttering. The voice didn't sound like hers. It was low, and made no sense - complete gibberish. Her arms were still swaying. I started yelling for Amy to wake up so that she would be a witness to whatever was happening to Katie.

Katie heard me yelling and snapped out of the trance. She asked me what was wrong - when I told her she thought I was lying. She thought she had been awake and talking to Amy and I the whole time. It hasn't happened again, but I know something strange went on that night. The next morning while I was swimming, an eagle (what my family believes in the spirit of my grandfather) flew over our house. He landed in the tree as if he was watching over my house - protecting us.



  1. The ouija board is a gateway for demons to come thru and lie to you. They will pretend to be anything just to engage you. You are a fool if you partake in summoning an entity. STOP USING OUIJA BOARDS! It is incredibly dangerous for anyone involved and your friends and family.

    1. Demons can't come through Ouija boards and they don't open portals either.

  2. Stop forcing your beliefs down other people's throats and spamming this blog. Negligent driving, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, suicide, and religious extremism kill many people every year. I've never seen the CDC or Surgeon General release a statement on the dangers of a ouija board or anything else related to "contacting demons"

  3. You people who say things like " don't force your beliefs down other people's throats are in for a ride awakening. Kim Kardashian, professional sports, and material things are the LEAST important things in life. Jesus Christ is my lord and savior, and he'd be yours too of you'd only wake up. I know, it's cool to be rebellious, it's not worth your soul.

  4. Your grandfather was an eagle? That must of been awkward when he and your grandmother conceived their children.



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