Monday, October 5, 2015

Zozo Is A Well Known Demon Who Takes Over

I have owned my Ouija board since I was in 7th grade. My grandmother bought it for me, and I still own it. I am now 19 years old.

When I was a lot younger I used it very often, and most of my friends would choose to use the board with me. However, after various encounters with some spirits, we came into contact with Zozo.

Zozo is well known for being a demon who contacts you through the board and then takes over; he will lie about who you are talking to in the future and always be a part of your board. After we talked to him, my friends all refused to use my board with me.

I have since moved to a different city to go to college, and I brought the board with me. Although I have not used it in the building I live in yet, my roommates have accused me of bringing spirits into our home based on experiences I have had since I have moved in here.

One day when I was in the shower, I heard what I though was one of my roommates giggling and calling for me, but when I asked her about it, she had no idea what I was talking about, and she had not been trying to talk to me.

I have also experienced furniture in the living room being moved around, have heard loud things falling in the kitchen (only to inspect it and see nothing wrong), and I have had things in my bedroom disappear.

Since I have been living in this apartment I have not used the board, but I am very tempted to to see if Zozo is still here with me.



  1. You're hearing and seeing manifestations of spirit yet you're curious if it's still around. Isn't it obvious?! You know it's a dangerous demon, and it's tempting you to entertain it because it wants to bring destruction. If you play with fire you get burned.

  2. wow! has anything happen recently?

  3. The ouija board is a gateway for demons to come thru and lie to you. They will pretend to be anything just to engage you. You are a fool if you partake in summoning an entity. STOP USING OUIJA BOARDS! It is incredibly dangerous for anyone involved and your friends and family.

    1. Stop repeating this in EVERY story... It's annoying you know...😡

  4. Look these things are signs of a presence in your apartment the thing with things appearing is apparation and disapparation the solution is this
    1.Break the board into seven prices
    2.sprinkle holy water upon it
    3.Bury it in the ground
    1.If you don't break it in seven prices then you will hear a scream then you will have 32 hours to live go in a church and get blessed and ask god to forgive you for all your faults
    Good luck

  5. your a fool if you give it reconginotion thats what it wants. It want srecongniton and be invited in to your life so it can bring destruction.

  6. You are curious to interact with it again? Probably the strongest sign that this demon has influenced you. Better get rid of that board pronto before you lose your self control. In fact, I would very highly advise it. I heard burning works, also make sure you pray to God. Good luck and don't communicate with it

  7. This is how they do it. Make you mentally weak and it's working. The fact you don't think it's him means he already has hold. Sorry but you should have left it alone

  8. Everyone says ZOZO is with them. He can't be everywhere. Jeeez.



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