Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ouija Board Spirit Said Its Name Was Goodbye

First of all, I live in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where the famous Civil War was, so I've always had an interest in the supernatural. After a discussion with a friend, we decided to look up how much Ouija boards cost on Amazon, and found one for only $20. Once we found the board, we looked at all the comments/reviews on it and all of the different stories that people posted there, and then decided to research rules and things you should do before playing, which I have compiled a list that I will include in this post in the comments, so sorry if it's long. We also googled Ouija stories which is how I found this page which I love, and a few YouTube videos.

If you guys have any questions, please feel free to comment, I will try to check this as often as I can, and I will also be posting another one at some point maybe today or tomorrow depending how long it goes on tonight.

It was 12:12AM on October 9, 2015. I was a bit skeptical when we started, I believed to an extent, as much as I could without actually experiencing it for myself. I was with my friend who is male, and I am female. For privacy purposes, I'll call him C. So C and I decided that we would try it out together, even though we were going to wait until Friday night to try it out with a group of friends.This is still planned.

C and I didn't really expect a whole lot to happen. We first started with chanting the Lord's Prayer, and then officially began the session. We sat, each of us with two fingers from each hand on the planchette, and asked if there was any spirits there that would like to make contact. The first movement was random and only slightly towards yes, and C and I weren't sure if the other pushed it as a joke. We attempted to coax the spirit into pushing it all the way to yes. We asked what the spirit's name was and they replied with "goodbye." When it moved to goodbye it was 12:20. It only took us about eight minutes to have this conversation with this spirit.

Again, we tried contacting the spirit, and C asked if it was afraid of something and that's why it wasn't talking to us, and they said, "Yes." We asked what the spirit was afraid of and they said "O-B-T-N." When we looked this up we came to the conclusion that it meant either the night or their brother. Then we asked if they had a nickname we could call them and they said, "A07B" and we started to sing "Aye oh, listen what I say oh." The spirit quickly moved to no. We asked if the spirit was a good spirit and there was no answer, we asked if the spirit was a bad spirit and they quickly moved to yes. The answers started to get faster and stronger. We then asked if you can choose between being a good spirit or a bad spirit, and they said no. Then we asked what their name was and they said Z-O, and went to goodbye again. At this point it was 12:33, so it was approximately thirteen minutes that we held this conversation.

Now, for the next part you need to understand that Zozo, and Mama are two of the "worst" spirits. Also, remember that spirits work in sets of threes. So for the third time we attempted to talk with this spirit. We asked if their name was Zo? The spirit answered Z-O-Z-O. I asked if their name was Zozo, and they said YES, GOODBYE. We decided to let it go.

There was no negative encounters aside from meeting a "bad" spirit, but honestly they were very polite. Maybe it was due to C and I's attitudes towards the entire session, and maybe it was also due to the fact that we believe in the supernatural, but it was honestly a very neutral session.

After the session, we said the Lord's Prayer again. We went to get food and the lights on the first floor of our eating facility started to flicker on and off when I opened the door and didn't stop until I got off of that floor. I'm not exactly sure what's going on, but we are soon doing it again.

Tararae Bankert


  1. Wish u WILL Tell us another story when u WILL do it with ur freinds kisses AND good luck

  2. This is just me but if i were you I wouldn't do it again. Because zozo is a very bad spirit. Even if they seem nice, they try and deceive you. What happened with the lights flickering is probably from that spirit and you opened a door in your house to demons. I'm not trying to scare you but that's what happens when you play the Oujia board. Before you do this again, I would pray more about it and ask God for his protection and just be very careful and careful on who you talk too. If you get zozo again I would defintiley break up the session.

  3. Very interesting story, and you do seem to be a smart person but pleeeaasssee be aware that stronger demons especially zozo trick and deceive people through the board.

  4. The ouija board is a gateway for demons to come thru and lie to you. They will pretend to be anything just to engage you. You are a fool if you partake in summoning an entity. STOP USING OUIJA BOARDS! It is incredibly dangerous for anyone involved and your friends and family.

    1. Please stop commenting this on people's posts. It is their decision to use a Ouija board.

  5. One thing people need to do is READ THE BIBLE. Seriously. Just read it. You don't have to be all gung-ho about it, but you need to read it. The problem with you "saying the Lord's Prayer" is that it will not help you. It is forbidden to dabble AT ALL with the occult in ANY way. Therefore you are on your own. Now, on to the "spirits". There is only one spirit. The Holy Spirit. What you are actively trying to communicate with is a demon. Every single thing you contact will be a demon. Every ghost story ever is not about a ghost, they are demons. All of the dead are waiting to be judged, they are not just roaming aimlessly around. Read your bibles.

  6. The spirit was probably hesitant because you prayed to God and he was protecting you from it communicating. -Which is a good thing-. If you pray to God and the spirit doesn't want to hang around, it probably means it doesn't get on with God very well. Which probably means it's evil as hell (literally). I agree with the above poster, don't play around with the spirit stuff, some forbidden fruit shouldn't be eaten no matter how curious you are. And God isn't there as some protective measure to stop getting you getting possessed, he is the most powerful being of all that is created and not created, the real deal. Go to him. The Holy Spirit is also the only good spirit out there, the others are just evil ones lying through their teeth - because people are so easy to convince. This is dangerous, you aren't playing a game with the spirits/demons, they are playing a game with you. And you will lose.

  7. I have had a very simular experience, i asked the spirit its name 3 times, it moved to goodbye each time, very quickly in fact. I then asked a fourth time and it started repeating z o z o z o getting faster with every letter. After the 12th repeat i said goodbye and closed the board quickly



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