Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Home Made Ouija Boards

My friend made one from card board all the time and played by herself. One day she made one at my house and tried to get me to play with her. I was too scared but she made me anyways.

It pulled our fingers around immediately. It scared and fascinated me. We began asking so many questions and it was answering but sometimes it didn't make sense. It said it was a little boy.

We played the next day in front of a bunch of our friends and it got really mad and didn't make sense again. We took if in the bedroom just the 2 of us after it said it wanted us dead. We started asking if it followed my friend around and it said yes. We asked if it knew where she lived and if said her address. She didn't even know her address but I did because she lived in the same apartment my mom loved in. I was saying the address over and over in my head wondering if the board would get it right, and it did! My friend started getting scared for the first time. But I started to wonder if it read my mind? I knew I wasn't pushing it. So we started asking questions that only one of us knew the answer to. And the board was always right. We asked about #s and colours etc. And all still right. We even called my husband in and he thought it was stupid, but the board answered his questions right. We ripped the board up and threw it away.

We went to church the next day and asked to blessed. We blessed my 6 month old baby in my belly and I went home and told the spirits to leave my home, said they weren't welcome. That was the scariest miracle I have ever seen. I didn't know if there was a god but after that all I can think is there is an after life. There is something there that we can't see and they can listen to my thoughts.

I wonder who else has figured this out? I don't play with the Ouija anymore. Scared to let them in my house.

Dawn Wilson

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