Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Ouija Ghost That Loves Me

I'm not the biggest believer in the paranormal. I think aliens roam outer space, and myths like the Jersey Devil and Chupacabra exist, but I've always been skeptical about ghosts.

That's changed.

My friend, who I'll call Kaylee, loves horror and ghosts. This was about a week ago. On Friday, she informed me that she had a Ouija board. She'd found it in her mom's room. When Kaylee questioned her parents, they said it was fake, as they had gotten zero results. But Kay felt differently. After some hesitance, I decided to try it out with her the next day.

I was over at her house at 9:00 PM on Saturday, with the intention for a sleepover. I managed to drag my friend, who shall be named Toby, into this. He's religious, but after some persuasion, we both managed to convince him. His grandma died recently, and we said that we might be able to contact her.

At 10:00 PM, we set up the Ouija. Kaylee lit five candles around the board, and Toby lead us in a prayer before we began. We'd read thoroughly about Ouija, so we believed we were prepared. I was asking questions (despite my reluctance), Kaylee was there for support, and Toby was writing down our conversation.

Me: Are there any spirits willing to communicate through the Ouija?
No reply. For the next ten minutes, me and Kaylee kept switching off, trying repeatedly. Not even a budge from the planchette.

We tried one last time. Then, we got a response.

Me: Are there any spirits willing to communicate?
Board: Yes
Me: *glances at Kaylee accusingly but continues* Are you a boy or girl?
Board: B-O-Y
I watched Kay carefully, but she appeared to be as shocked as I was. And her hands were floating just above the planchette, shaking.
Me: How old are you?
Board: 1-7
Me: When we're you born?
Board: 1-9-9-8
Afterward, we decided to ask light-hearted questions, such as "Are you good?" (sun), "What was your dream job?" (Technician), and "How did you die?" (Murder by dad)

We eventually moved onto more personal questions.

Kaylee: *smiles at me* Do you like anyone in this room?
Board: *immediately* Yes
Me: Are they a boy or a girl?
Board: G-I-R-L
That ruled out Toby. So, I asked:
"Who do you like?"
Board: *planchette practically flies over to my side*

Kaylee was grinning like a mad women by then, and started to make kissy faces and fake make-outs. Toby was trying to hide laughter, and my face was as red as a tomato.

Out of the blue, I suddenly felt a cold feeling down my spine, like fingers dragging lightly across my skin. The planchette slowly but surely spelled out P-R-E-T, which we assumed was Pretty.

Just before we forced Goodbye, Kaylee and Toby looked at me in horror. They hate describing it, but they said they saw a black figure sitting directly behind me. Toby said his head rested on my shoulder, but Kay says he was sniffing my hair, supposedly.

I'm not sure what Kaylee did with the Ouija, but at school, we never spoke of it again. But stuff in my house began to happen, despite the session being held at Kaylee's house.

In my bed, I'd frequently feel a cold presence behind me. It wouldn't do anything, just stare, it felt like. Bouquets of flowers began to appear beside my bed yesterday, and on Sunday night, I felt something cold come to rest on the back of my neck for a moment, like lips.

This is an honest-to-God story, but you don't have to believe me. If anyone has had a similar situation like mine, please, do you have any advice?

Ashley S.


  1. If you could keep this updated, as in, does it get worse, does it stop and so on

  2. Late at night, sometimes the cold will surround me. All the usual occurrences have been the same, that's really the only new thing.

  3. Who knows about Incubus?
    Can he be contacted threw a board?

    1. Me, and if you would like to know, they are to be called by spells or by liking the person. They do not contact through Ouija, if you are really curious, i suggest you ask the spirits or call them by asking to speak with the Incubus/Succubus.

  4. that is creepy but cool at the same time i have this demon that looks after me her name is anna this happened after i played ouija

  5. One thing is to tell the spirit you're not interested, try to be polite and all so you don't make them angry/upset. After all, the spirit is being nice.
    If that doesn't work, try to salt your room's door and window/bed's surroundings.
    Hopefully this helps and you can say goodbye to your ghost bf without drama (:

  6. I ever use an ouija board but one thing i know is to never laugh or joke about an entity/angel/demon
    sincerely, David

  7. PRET is a "Preta"; a hungry ghost who as a human had an addiction of some sort (lust is an addiction). This creatures will wander looking for humans to satisfy their cravings by encouraging them to engage in whatever activity they were addicted to in order to feed off the energy from you, while you engage in whatever activity the Preta has conned you into.

  8. I want to Ouija board but can't find anyone to my brother says he would watch but not play. And I have read everywhere online don't play alone. What should I do?

    1. Its k u can play alone I mostly play alone locked on my room for hours and I have always CME in contact with god spirits and once a spirit named Nick and I talked for hours he died In a car accident and he told me everything and even told me that his ID from FB is not yet deleted and I found him on fb and man he looks or used to look freekin delicious all in alll my point its Ohk to play alone. ( u might find a sexy chick's soul LOL)😂

    2. I have played alone, its possible. Just not too safe though

  9. That's all bad you shouldn't have done kissy kissy faces to him with respect you should of just be polite an said thank you know what he's doing is feeding off of you an it could get to the point where he starts making love to you an another thing sometime then can even make you have bad relationship S because there jelous

  10. This ain't a good thing honey. No way. Please get some prayer from someone, don't just believe that this spirit is good just because. It is bad, bad, news. I had a friend that ever since the birth of her son felt like something was watching her, and some nights she would wake up and she saw the silhouette of a man standing at the foot of her bed. She suffered from insomnia and was on constant edge, and was often terrified, It was only after prayer and spiritual deliverance that she got rid of this spirit. In my experience I have only ever come across bad spirits, excluding the Holy Spirit. Please get prayer over this.

  11. Try a smudge stick, white sage preferably and get hella clear crystals. Silver and black candles are great too. I would honestly just recommend talking with him and learning more about your situation and kinda just setting up stuff to keep the negative things away, good luck sweetheart

  12. This is kinda sweet of him but you should do something about it you really don't know how he looks( not that it matters) or who he is he might be a demon

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. That's really cool and I belive in the paranormal I believe that that story was completely real and that it would be creepy yet cool for that to happen if it was me but I have Benn thinking of buying a Ouija board I've watched every movie I know all the rules I know to rid of the board if demon approachesbut have this complete feeling that as soon as I put my hands on the palette a spirit will say I've been waiting for u and I've never touched a Ouija board or been around anyone doing a session or anything which would have been cool but sadley I have never bought seen or touched one but I have had pysic dreams my whole life and I have never known why I will somethimes dream of something that will happen the next day or maybe week that will happen and I will laugh it off but sometimes it's completely creepy never do I want to happen kind of stuff and I have even been contacted by aliens that appeared to me don't know if it was an extranasteral being an angel Idk but It crepe me out If u want to hear my bazaar alien story or dreams I've been haveing add me on Instagram euter95 thankz. I will aslso post my story of my oujia board experiences on here as soon as they happen will video record so u can see it all for yourselfs but I'm not lying I have but nothing but true and I hope to get more contents on my comment catch u guys l8ter.

  14. Probably a ghost of a 70 year old pedophile be careful

  15. Is this ghost still around you



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