Saturday, May 6, 2017

Darius And Ouija Board Dreams

My interest for Ouija boards extended as far back as I could remember. I had become fascinated and somewhat obsessed with watching Ouija sessions online and reading about various people’s experiences using the board. I had the urge to make one of my own, I found some old wood in the desert on a previous deployment. I researched the dimensions and by hand spent hours sanding, shaping and carving the letters into this Ouija board.

Four days later the board was finally finished and time to test it out. I researched and spent some time trying to “charge” the board with good energy. I had such a strong believing in it that I told myself I would not have my hands on the planchette. Instead I was a scribe to record what it said during the sessions. So many people around me who had watched me making this had a growing interest in it and themselves watched videos and researched stories online. A lot of them were skeptical and made fun of the whole situation. However, when it was time to play we all went outside in a huge group and set up the home-made board. It was around 2am when they tried and had no luck in getting a response. Two days later we tried again, this time it decided to speak back to us.

a- Is there anybody there?
b- yes
a-what is your name?
b- Darius
a-how old are you?
b- 6
a- how did you die?
b- water
a- did you drown?
b- yes.

The communication at this point had stopped and the board went quiet. I informed them to say “Goodbye” and we went back inside to research Darius. First thing that came up on the web search results was a forum talking about a demon by the name of “ZOZO”. It stated that “ZOZO often lies and pretends to be a young boy that has drowned.” That sent chills down my spine when I read that.

The next night at around 3:30am someone ran inside to get me and told me that the board was going crazy. A huge group of guys were outside huddled around the board with flashlights making sounds of amazement. I watched as they had someone who did not believe what was happening was real join in by placing his hands on the planchette.

a- Is anyone one there would like to communicate with us?
b- Yes

At this point we told the guy “go ahead and ask it something hard”. Without looking up from the board he asked:

a- “how many people are out here right now?”

We all looked up from the board and counted each other. There was 12 of us standing around the board. As he was about to say “see it’s a bunch of bs” two guys walked out from around the corner who had been smoking a cigarette. There was our 14 the board had indicated. He immediately yanked his hands away and walked inside. We replaced him with another guy from the group and continued:

a- what is your name?
b- no
a- no what?
b- trust
a- what don’t you trust?
b- trust (again)
a- who do you not trust?
b- Him
a- who?
b- …..
a- when did you die?
b- MCMXLI (internet search indicated Roman Numerals for year 1941)
a- where are you from?
b- H-E-L-L

At this point we all said we’re done and motioned it to “Goodbye”. We all returned inside and talked about what had just happened and reassuring each other that they were not moving the planchette.

That night I had a dream about playing Ouija. I was lifted up into the air by my ankle and someone in my dream threw the board into a fire. There was an ear shattering scream that was released and I fell to the floor. When I awoke the guy that had played the night prior asked “Did you have any Ouija board dreams?” I replied yes, and he stated so did he. Right away I got online and researched burning a Ouija board. Multiple forums told me if you hear a scream you will have a death in the family or a close friend. I gave the board to a friend and he still carries it with him to this day.

Chase Wrenn


  1. I tried one while in US Army. Scary too! some 'thing' answered in odd ways...then he quit on me. I never messed w it again!



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