Monday, May 22, 2017

Pure Curiosity Or Malevolent Persuasion?

For the past month or two, I've had this relentless urge to experiment with a ouija board. I've been researching and reading stories on this website and others and I'd like some more solid answers to this specific question.

My mom died in December of 2015 and moved to Oklahoma from Texas in July of 2016 if that means anything. For the first few weeks of living in the new rent house in Oklahoma, everything felt fine and nothing was wrong.

Then recently, I was home alone with my dog (who for the record never growls or barks, even when we're playing around) when he started growling at the fireplace. At first I thought it was just his reflection, but after further inspection I realized there was no way he could see his reflection from the angle he was positioned in. I sat around kind of weirded out but thought nothing more of it.

A few minutes later, he started to growl at the fireplace again, this time he stood up and bared his teeth. I tried calling but he wouldn't listen. I watched his eyes follow the wall close to the ceiling still growling around to behind me. Frozen in fear I watched as he stared as if he was staring over my right shoulder growling and snarling. All of a sudden he stopped whimpered and ran away with his tail between his legs. I shouted a few curse words and ran out of the house.

Ever since everywhere I go I feel like something is watching me. Nothing has ever happened to me physically by anything spirit like and quite frankly I'm pretty skeptical on the whole spirit world concept. I was having the urge to use a board before this incident but since I've caught myself looking up ouija research and stories growing closer and closer to actually using one.
Could this be something attached to me or my family or my house trying to get me to use a board to let it loose or is all of this just some silly coincidence and curiosity?

Should I do it? And if I do what should I do to keep the environment as safe as possible(because I know it's impossible to make it perfectly safe).



  1. From experience, the only thing I can tell you is make sue you are feeling well when you do it. I f you start to feel dizzy or ill immediately stop. And always say goodbye without fail. Be careful if you do use it and I'm sorry for the loss of your mother.

  2. Also make sure there is not something obvious like a raccoon or squirrel in your attic getting into your fireplace.

  3. I wouldn't suggest a ouija board, but rather a blessed priest to cleanse the house and anoint you with oil. The ouija board will only make things worst. Sorry about your mom.

  4. As a paranormal expert of sorts I'd strongly suggest you not dabble with the board. Stay strong and renounce whatever is in your space.



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