Sunday, May 21, 2017


My whole life I was drawn to the spiritual realm that I know for a fact indeed exists on another non physical plane. Anyway with that said I became very acquainted with Ouija and such things of the like.

People that know me know I know how to reach the "dead" through the practice safety and purity of intent and procaution is always present though. I have friends ask me to reach specific past loved ones regularly, but there was one time that I contacted my older friends grandmother, to whom she had been close. She was on business so I had my sister stand in her place. She was having relationship troubles and wanted advice from her.

Her grandmother came through IMMEDIATELY, her presence was strong. I asked basic facts such as her name, age when passing, and little tidbits of personal info to back up the validity of it all.

Then I came to find out my friend whose name is Katie btw, was indeed headed for divorce within that same year. But only after she would miscarry a child. It would prove to be the last straw pretty much I found out.

She also told me that her and her love would come back together through hard work and dedication after wards. I told her everything as soon as I was done and she was skeptical but also a bit shook.

Everything ended up happening EXACTLY as I was told by her grandmother in the EXACT time frame I told Katie. We never talked about it but its an unspoken bond for sure. Me and her gma prepared her fir this traumatic time and when it all came to fruition, it slightly lessened the blow. I Think.. Anyway her and the dude are getting married again and I can't wait for that, and the open bar!

Anyway I was also told she would have a safe healthy pregnancy and it wasn't going to end in disappointment and pain. That's what I'm really excited to see happened for that's one thing she didn't say a time frame for, she wants it to be a surprise for her strong and lovely grand daughter, my friend, Katie.

ashley elizabeth

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