Friday, May 5, 2017

We Made A Homemade Ouija Board

Hello my name is Regina and here is my story of my experience.

When I was 15 years old me and my friend made a homemade Ouija board. Being curious and the fact I had several paranormal experiences before this we decided to make one. What we did not know was what would happen during the night.

We said hello and asked questions like any normal teenager would do. The board kept telling us it was my friends cousin whom had died in a car accident several years before. It was ok up until the vanity bench that I was sitting on started to levitate with me on it! We started to get frightened so we said goodbye and through it in her closet. Apparently a big mistake!

Later in the night we began to hear scratching noises on her bedroom door only to find nothing and no one in sight once we opened it. My friends pajamas moved up her headboard and fell behind the bed. It was then we fell asleep curled up next to each other on her bed with the lights on.

The next day we look in her closet for shoes when we discovered huge scratch marks going down the wall in the back of her closet.

After that experience with the Ouija board and the strange black figure in my hallway that sent my dad into the hospital fighting for his life, I will never mess with a Ouija board again and definitely do not think anyone else should either.

This happened in Junction City, Kansas


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