Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Did We End The Ouija Session Correctly?

The other night my best friend, her sister and I thought it would be funny to buy a Ouija board from a book store close to my house and try it out. I was very skeptical about it and didn't think it would actually work.

We got everything set up and I even lit some candles all around the board. My friend put the planchette down onto the board which you apparently aren't supposed to do until you're ready to start. At that point we hadn't even really read the directions and that's when I read that you shouldn't ever do it in your house, so naturally already freaked out I searched for tips on how to play the game SAFELY, and what I found was that you are supposed to be serious, focused and polite (among others but these were the first tips that we had already gone against) by we I mean my friends sister who was cracking jokes already. So we all decided to focus and we played the game. the questions I asked the questions that had been recommended.

We said hello and asked if anyone was with us, it took about 10 minutes if not more before we got a yes, but I thought it was my friends sister and for all I know it might have been at first but then I started to ask other questions like what is your name, when did you die (I know now that it might have come off as a negative question and I wish I had asked its age) I asked what gender it was and got nothing to all of the questions. I asked if it wanted to speak with any of the three of us at the table or someone we knew, it went directly to no. I asked if it knew us and it went back to yes. I then asked it what its middle name was and my friend asked if it went by its middle name, no response. This time I asked it to spell its middle name and it proceeded to spell the word die. I know for a fact it wasn't the one person that would actually be pushing it intentionally because she got scared and took her fingers off the planchette while it was moving.

After being freaked out by whatever or whoever this was we quickly forced the planchette to the goodbye space on the board and quickly went out to our car, drove to a separate location and burned the board along with everything it came with receipt, note page and all. (the board alone seemed to be fire proof at first which worried us all because it took over an hour, a bottle of rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover - its flammable and was all we could find at the moment - and about a gallon of gasoline before finally catching fire and burning.)

The entire time while using the board my friends and I were experiencing strange sensations. all of our arms felt heavy but my chest had a sinking feeling and my friend felt very tired physically, mentally I was wide awake but my body did feel very drained.

I am posting my REAL EXPERIENCE because I would like to know if my friends and I ended the session correctly and were right to destroy the board and also if we are safe to go on with our lives.

I have read some other experiences and mine seems to be mild compared to some of these but I am still very worried please let me know any information that could help with our situation.

thank you. -M


  1. You guys didn't end correctly i have read it on internet that you should not burn the ouija board at any cost A Ouija Board will scream if you try to burn it. People who hear the scream have less than thirty-six hours to live. There is only one proper way to dispose of it: break the board into seven pieces, sprinkle it with Holy Water then bury it.

  2. you should never burn the board ever. burning the board can open a portal or release whatever you were talking to. you should have buried the board in a sacred place.

  3. I think you should simply ask Jesus to protect you. no spirit is mightier than God.



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